Saturday, January 31, 2004

One of my mom's favorite dog's is 'in season', it seems, but we don't really want to risk breeding her. One of my mom's breeder friends had another dog from Boo's line of heritage, and when that dog had pups, she ended up losing her during delivery. So Mom's very leary of breeding Boo. But as you can see, Boo would have BEAUTIFUL puppies, especially if she was bred to Torch!

I guess my brother will be over sometime this weekend.......the last time we'll see him before he leaves again for Afghanistan. I'll be so glad when May is here.

Not much else to report.......except, boy I sound like I really hate my job from my previous rants....but I really don't! I enjoy what I do..... I just happen to work with some that must have been taking a bathroom break when brains and common sense were handed out. ;-)

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Friday, January 30, 2004

I'm sitting here at work, waiting....and waiting...and waiting... for my work to come to me from over at the hospital (ponders if Lorie isn't here today, thus why my work hasn't arrived), and while I have a few free minutes, I thought I'd tackle the project of updating my instruction manual for my desk. Sheesh, it's hard to describe how these new CUSTOMER DEPOSIT ACTIVITY REPORTs work in worded detail. It slays me that NO ONE put together an instruction manual for this new deposit/batching process.

In 2002, before I left for vacation during Thanksgiving, I threw a manual together that pertained to my desk for the benefit of the gal who was to work my desk.....but it needs to be updated now..... thus my frustration of how to describe these reports!!! *#($#*#*@&@&#(#((#(@)@)@_

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Nothing to really report today. It's Friday, it's payday...yeah!

I looked up the calorie count of a Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha, and just about fell on the floor....over 500 for a Venti! Even non-fat is still over 500...but on Fridays, I don't really care....I deserve one!!

I said 'nothing to report', but I have to vent about the gal who sits across from me (the one who took her day-old burrito back to Taco Bell for a new one). This woman process all of the Medical Financial Assistance program applications. This is a program to assist our members who are having trouble making their copays for office visits, pharmacy, or inpatient stays. This woman has the compassion of a gnat when it comes to assisting members. The things she says during the work day just floor me. AND she's three weeks behind in processing applications! Our former deposit clerk is now her 'assistant,' and this is a 62 year old Laotian man who speaks with very broken English. He is making all of her phone calls to patients, taking calls from patients wanting applications, and doing all of her 'prep work' for the applications. It really irritates me to hear her complain, moan, groan all day about how many phone calls she gets, blah blah blah. *sigh*

Ah, well.....I just keep my head down and concentrate on my own work.

This weekend will be the last time to see my brother before he has to return to Afghanistan for 3 more months. Please keep him, and the rest of our troops in your thoughts and prayers....whoever you are!

There will definitely be at least one former 49er winning a Super Bowl ring this weekend. On the Carolina Panthers roster, we have Brenston Buckner, defensive tackle; on the New England Patriots, we have 3 former Niners gracing their roster - defensive end Anthony Pleasant, defensive tackle Ted Washington, and.....drumroll....wide receiver JJ Stokes, who was sitting at home 2 weeks ago, but was called back up by the Patriots. He may not even suit up for the game, but will still get a ring if the Pats win. Will wonders never cease???

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Thursday, January 29, 2004

By the time I come home from work today, we should have a new patio cover that DOESN'T leak!!! The patio guys will be here at around 9 this morning, so dad has to take down all of the gate he has across the patio this morning. The poor dogs have been so wet when it rains, but now they'll be nice and dry (hopefully).

We're having a goodbye lunch for Eva, a temp who has been working with us for the last year. Her last day is tomorrow, so we're going to Sal's Mexican Restaurant for lunch today. Not one of my favorite places, but what the hey. Eva is a sweet girl....I'm just sorry that I let someone else's dislike of Eva influence my attitude toward her for a few months. Once she started working in my quadrant for awhile a few months ago, I got to know her, and she's really very sweet. Funny thing is, that someone else is also coming to the lunch....go figure! WHATEVER!

I really should be concentrating on getting that page done on my 49er website, but my motivation level is at zero right now. Just not enough time in the mornings, or evenings it seems. Maybe this weekend.............

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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I *REALLY* wish the receptionists in the clinic would put the RIGHT FRIGGIN' DATES on their deposit envelopes??? I'm trying to reconcile last weekend, and everyone must have been having brain farts (or maybe whoever was counting the money at the Loomis vault in Sacramento was having a brain fart), because almost ALL of the dates on the error report are for the 23rd, and most of these people don't even have open shifts for the 23rd!!! >:-/


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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

We attended the graveside service for our manager's mother today....MAN, it hit me how so NOT ready I am for that moment to come for my parents! As I was listening to the minister speak, and watching my manager grieving, I couldn't help but think about when I will be sitting by my mothers' or fathers' gravesite, and how I don't know how I'm going to handle it. Especially when the group assembled starting singing different songs....two in particular got to me..."How Great Thou Art," and "Amazing Grace." These are my mom's two favorite songs. She has already said that she wants LeAnn Rimes' rendition of Amazing Grace played at her funeral. So now I can't ever listen to her rendition without breaking down! And I love her version of the song.

And it started raining on our way back from the luncheon at their church.....the sky was crying. A very heavy-hearted day today.

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When I got to work yesterday, I had a very complimentary email from the Assistant Manager of the Sacramento Business Office....he came down in August to give me a brief training on the new way we are now handling deposits and batching for our facilities in the Northern California Region. Well, our Business Office, and one other in the Region, are the only two who have met the target times each month for accruals! He said in his email, (which was also sent to my manager, HER manager Shelley, and one of the big whigs in General Accounting in Oakland) that I have been a tremendous asset to him, and the transition team in identifying deposit-related issues and concerns. THAT made me feel awesome! Our Service Area Leader, Shelley, is always giving me thumbs up, because she hears all of the problems that are happening in other areas when she goes to the Regional meetings in Oakland, and she said Hans (the General Accounting big whig) is always saying something complimentary about me when she sees him at the meetings. :-) So that was an awesome way to start my day yesterday!

Most of us in the office are attending the funeral of our manager's mother today at 11 am. Most of us never met Kathy's mom, but we are going to show support for Kathy. When I heard of her mother's passing last Friday, I immediately said a Thank You to God for giving me another day with my mom.

And I think I *FINALLY* got the javascripting figured out for what I wanted to accomplish on my 49ers fan website....with some MUCH appreciated patience from my friend, Logan! THANKS, SWEETIE!!!! I may take the long way around to figure something out, but I'll eventually get there! So, now I have a project to work on during the evenings this week to finish what I started. Hopefully by the weekend, I'll have it finished.

Mom talked to my brother last night....he's feeling a little better, and we found out he doesn't leave until next Tuesday to finish out his time in Afghanistan. So, hopefully we'll get to see him this weekend before he leaves. And HOPEFULLY his target date of leaving Afghanistan will remain May 1-8.

Ok....what the hell is with people who see a whole herd of traffic coming, and wait until the last minute to pull out in front of all the oncoming traffic, only to go 15 frickin' miles an hour????? Either peddle faster, or GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!

Have a good day, whoever you are!

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Monday, January 26, 2004

*SIGH* I'm trying to code a part of my 49ers' website to bring up a new window to view a picture in, and I'm having a HELL of a time trying to figure it out!!! Saturday, I called upon the expertise of one of my very dear friends, Logan, to help me find a tutorial that was easy to follow and understand. He was so sweet to send me a detailed instruction file that he put together for me....I had too much of a headache on Sat. evening to figure it out, but thought I had the thing figured out Sunday morning when I did a 'test' page. Well, somehow, the image he sent me to use as a tester got resized SOMEHOW once I put it together.....and I just didn't have the energy Sunday night to try to figure it out. Why does Javascript have to be so confusing???!!!

My brother is stil home until the end of this week on his "R&R" from Afghanistan, but he picked up the flu from somewhere and came down sick last Friday. So we didn't get to see him over the weekend. I probably won't see him again before he goes back, since I'm working all week. :-(

It's been foggy/cloudy and COLD all weekend. The sun tried to break through for a few hours yesterday, but it was still cold. I'm ready for Spring!!

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Friday, January 23, 2004

Terrell Owens, alleged wide receiver for my beloved San Francisco 49ers, needs to find his way to the door, and SHUT THE HELL UP! According to The San Jose Mercury News this morning, Owens unloads on his website, Owens whines about his quarterback, Jeff Garcia, not being the quarterback to lead the 49ers to the next level (The Super Bowl), and says that he has a short list of replacement teams: The Atlanta Falcons, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Philadelphia Eagles. He also blasts Garcia over his DUI arrest earlier this month, saying "that if the quarterback came to his Super Bowl party he would dispatch a limousine to make sure Garcia got home safely."

Here's a thought, TO....SHUT UP AND CATCH THE FRIGGIN' BALL!! You remind me of another bigmouth on the 49ers a few years ago who thought he would go elsewhere and be the saviour of another team with his 'talents.' Ricky 'Crybaby' Watters thought he could get a better deal and 'more respect' elsewhere.....and where is Watters now?? Not even playing in the NFL. Owens had the chance to be on the same level as Jerry Rice was with the 49ers, but Owens was too busy dreaming up endzone showboating (standing on The Star in Dallas, the infamous 'Sharpie' incident in Seattle, grabbing a 49ers' cheerleaders pom-poms and doing a little jig, etc), and blasting his offensive coordinator on the sideline during a game this year, instead of catching the ball. He has had CRITICAL drops in big games, but instead of placing the blame on HIS shoulders, he chooses to blame Garcia with 'inaccurate passes, checking down to a secondary receiver too quickly or scrambling too often.' Uh, TO? The passes are only inaccurate IF THE RECEIVER DOESN'T MAKE THE EFFORT TO CATCH THEM!!!

So don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.......Tai Streets showed more heart and effort this past year than you did, and the rookie, Brandon Lloyd, is going to make YOU look like a rookie in another year or so.

And with that little vent off my chest........the Valley Death Fog is looming outside, so driving to work this morning is going to be SO much fun.....NOT!!! Sounds like a Starbucks morning to me!!!

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

When I got home from work yesterday, Mom and Dad were still at the kitchen table, eating dinner, which is a little unusual because they are almost always finished with dinner when I get home from work at 4....Dad is usually out feeding the dogs by that time. Dad said, "We would have been done by now, but we had a little accident." Evidently, at about 3 pm, Mom was going to sit in her chair at the table (I guess she was doing some bookwork with her bills), and the chair spun away from her as she was sitting down, and she fell onto the floor. Dad said he couldn't get her up, so she crawled over to the couch, and pulled herself up. (Dad really ticks me off sometimes, because he goes into this mode of not knowing what to do when a crisis arises). Thank GOD she didn't break any bones....she had fallen a couple of years ago and broke her left wrist.

She's OK....a little sore this morning, but thankfully all in one piece. She's 82 years old, and you wouldn't really know it by looking at her. Mom is a VERY independent woman, and has always been a person to go go go from morning till dark. But ever since she had her hip replacement surgery back in 1998, she's slowed down DRAMATICALLY. It really upsets her that she now needs to rely on me, or Dad, to help out with things. This is a woman who raised my two older brothers and my late sister BY HERSELF, working 16 hours a day at the Coalinga Inn as a waitress. This was before she met and married my dad. She's not dependent on others, don't get me wrong.....she still does alot of stuff around the house....but her pace is quite a bit slower than it used to be.

She won't use her cane around the house, and forget about using the walker she had while recouperating from hip surgery. Although she did use it last night, just for stability, because I think she was still in a little shock from the fall....BELIEVE ME, I was in shock from my little fall last Friday for most of the afternoon!

ANYWAY.....speaking of our dogs, please visit the website I put together a couple of years ago for my mom's Peke breeding business: Chantilly Pekes. These are the little critters that keep us running!

And with that......almost time to get ready for work....I guess it's Applebees in Fig Garden for lunch today....believe or not, I've never eaten at Applebees yet!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Had a good lunch with Mary, and Lorie today....since Mary had to go over to the hospital to audit Inpatient Charts for her Medicare/Medi-Cal billing, I met her and Lorie at Sweet Tomatoes. We never get to see Lorie much anymore, since we're offsite, and she's the Emergency Room Financial Counselor, so she's at the hospital.

Damn, I'm so friggin' bored this afternoon! I don't have any of my deposit counts from Loomis for Auto Reg, so I can't finish my work for the 15th! So tomorrow I'll probably have those totals, PLUS the totals for the 16th-19th!

But almost time to go home.............have a good evening, whoever may be reading this!

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WHAT IS THAT BIG YELLOW THING IN THE SKY???? Why that's the sun!!! I can't believe we're seeing the sun today! But it was cold this morning....frost on the roof, the grass....good thing I covered my car, or else my windows would have been frosted, too.

Back is STILL sore, and the scabs that are forming are driving me nuts! They itch, and I want to pull the scabs off!

Nothing much to write about today....just another day at work.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I've added some 'Blogs Worth Reading' links, so when you get a chance, check out those blogs. YES, they are blogs from people in the Def Leppard online community, so OF COURSE I'm going to give them the props!

Oh, and my very dear friend Bruce asked yesterday (after I directed him to my blog to read about my doofus injury), asked if he would ever be mentioned in my there you just were, Bruce! >;-)

It was SO nice in the office yesterday.....only myself, Mary, Chela, Valerie, and Margie were working....I was all by myself until after lunch, when our Service Area Leader, Shelley, came in....she's so cool! But it was nice having NO negative vibes running around.

MAYBE we'll actually see that thing in the sky that is allegedly called THE SUN. There's rumors of that bright ball actually breaking through the fog layer that has covered this Valley for the past week and a half. Such is life in the Valley in the winter.....fog is a way of life.

And with that.....I need to go work out a little.............adios!

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Monday, January 19, 2004

Here I sit at work, on a holiday (Martin Luther King Day), but I get paid time and a half, so it's all good. I see that Cal-Trans next door is closed today, so the parking lot should be pretty open after lunch. Our respective offices are housed in what used to be a Payless Drugs and Ross Dress For Less. The spaces were refurbished into office space, instead of another retail. We had to move offsite from the hospital last August, because the space we were in was going to be converted into hospital beds. I think Cal-Trans is moving to a new space downtown sometime this year.

My back hurts the most when I try to sit back against my chair....getting in and out of the car is a bitch! But, I think it's slowly getting back to normal. The scrape marks are scabbing over...and there's still a little swelling around it, but it doesn't limit my mobility as far as bending, and moving in general. I was able to work out with the weights this morning without any pain.

Other than that.....I guess I'd better get to work................

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Sunday, January 18, 2004

My brother came over this morning.....the first time we've seen him since he left for deployment on July 10. It was SOOOO good to see him!!! He stayed for a couple of hours, telling us stories of things that have happened while he has been in Afghanistan. He will be home until Jan. 30, then it's back to Afghanistan. He said they got word of a come-home date of anywhere from May 1-8. We were hoping for a Feb. date, but at the rate the days have been passing, May will be here before we know it.

I wish this damn fog layer would's been settled into the damned Valley for the past week, and it's been cold! It would be nice to see the sun.

I really need to exhibit more patience when trying to learn to use Paint Shop Pro 8.....I find that my patience for reading tutorials is virtually non-existant...I want to know it NOW! *sigh*

My back is still sore....and it pisses me off, because I can't do any situps!!! Just when I was beginning to feel some progress with my situps....I have to be a doofus! >:-/

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Saturday, January 17, 2004

Well, I was able to sleep better than I thought I would....I actually was able to sleep on my back for part of the night. I honestly thought I was going to be tossing and turning....but thankfully THAT didn't happen!

Now that I can look back on what happened yesterday, I can really laugh about it....DEFinitely one of those "Funniest Home Video Moments." I'm sure my friends who were with my won't EVER let me live it down! Especially that damned Andy....he will probably make a joke about it whenever he sees me now. But, if you can't laugh at yourself, YOU'RE TAKING LIFE TOO SERIOUSLY!

We had a brief phone conference yesterday about some of the changes that are happening in the office. Everyone was listening and contributing something except for two people...I won't mention their names here....but DAMN! Can you exude any more negativity with your body language??? One of those mentioned was standing outside the door, looking off into the distance and writing notes, while the other was sitting in the corner, muttering under her breath, "I really could care less, I have work to do," with her holier-than-thou attitude she has....what an arrogant broom-riding witch she is!!!

It wouldn't surprise me if my brother came driving up to the house, without calling, just to surprise us today. I can't wait to see's been a long 6 months!

I enjoyed chatting with a new friend last night for about 20 minutes! :-)

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Friday, January 16, 2004

Man, I'm SUCH a doofus (I'd like to think I'm a 'hipster doofus', as Kramer says on 'Seinfeld'...but after today, I'm really just a plain old doofus). Mary, Andy, Ed and I went to Taco Bell today for lunch....Mary got us a booth table. When I came to the table with my order, she didn't have her food yet, so I was going to sit at the next table, until she got her food....I put my tray on that table, started to sit down, and ended up ON THE FLOOR! Doofus me, didn't check to see that there wasn't a chair at that table, and I just ASSUMED there was a chair.....I ended up sitting on the floor, but also scraped the lower part of my back against the metal bars holding the chair at the table next to that. HOLY CRAP DID THAT HURT!!!! I wanted to cry so bad, but I think I was more shocked at how dumb I must have looked!

I did fill out an incident report with the manager....I was rather pissed because of the lack of caring from the employees there. They really didn't give a crap about whether I was hurt or not. So they just lost a customer, on top of everything else. I didn't feel that I needed medical attention....because I've had worse injuries than the time my tailbone made acquaintance with the corner of the cement step on the ass turned black and blue for almost a month. When I went to the doctor for another reason a few days later, I showed her my butt, and asked if she thought I needed an Xray to see if my tailbone, or anything else was cracked. She looked at my black and blue butt, said "Oh that looks nasty....take some Motrin." HUH????? Yeah, that's gonna make my ass feel better!

What a doofus I am.......................

But on a much happier mom called me at work this morning to tell me that my brother was ON HIS WAY HOME for a two-week visit!! He called her from Germany, and he never mentioned a word of this vacation to us earlier this week! He told her he didn't know if his request would be approved or he should be back in Fresno sometime Saturday!!! We miss him SO MUCH!!

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I got my Starbucks.....mmmmmgood!!!

Man, what in the hell was Jeff Garcia thinking when he decided to drive while under the influence??? Jeff, GROW SOME HAIR!!! That's a nasty mug shot! Steve Young you will NEVER be!

SOME people keep saying ERICKSON MUST GO (and you know who you are, SilvaBUCS...hehe). I say now that Moron Jr. is gone, and has taken Vanilla Knapp with him, I think that Erickson will have more control over the team than last year. He has brought Rich Olson, and Willy Robinson on-board, and all three were coaches at Fresno State at one point or if only we could draft Bernard Berrian, and get him in a 49er would be sweet. Terrell Owens and his multiple drops should just find another place to play, and let Tai Streets and Brandon Lloyd do what Owens SHOULD have been doing this past year....CATCHING THE DAMN BALL!!!

Did I mention how good this Starbucks is?? :-) Time to get to work..........

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Just a brief entry this morning...gotta get ready for work....but I am going to attempt to get a Starbucks this morning... the place will probably be jammed, because it's Friday.

I hate it when Lorie is at her Union meetings...I *NEVER* get my work sent to me on time!! I didn't receive my work until 5 minutes before leaving work now I will have two days' worth of bankcards to enter into the system today. GRRRRRRR!!!!

My legs are a little sore today....Mary and I had lunch over at DiCiccio's yesterday, and afterward we took a walk down to the corner, and back up Blackstone to our office. That was a hell of a walk! But, we will probably try to incorporate some walking into our lunch hours from now on.... the exercise felt good. But I don't think it's such a good idea after having lasagna.........

Ah, to get ready for work, and hopefully getting a Starbucks!

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Thursday, January 15, 2004

What's the deal with phony people?? Why can't people be real ALL THE TIME, and not when they only want to be your friend when it serves their agenda? All I'm going to say is that I'm glad that walls separate me from someone who I thought was my friend....I don't have time for phony, negative-thinking people.

I wanted to get a White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks this morning, but the line was to the door, so that took care of that craving.

Other than's just another Thursday, and my brother is still safe and sound in Afghanistan. I wish he were home!

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Monday, January 12, 2004

On Sunday, I was at Costco, and I ran into an old friend (well, ex-boyfriend from my Fresno City College days), Karl. It was SO good to see him after all these years. I stood and watched him for a minute before I said anything to him...just making sure it was him. When I said his name, he looked at me for about 5 seconds, and said, "KIM!" He was going to shake my hand....I said to hell with that...I gave him a big hug. We bantered back and forth while in the checkout line. It was really good to see Karl again. I'm kind of surprised he's still married....after knowing him in his youth! We dated for awhile when we were about 19 or 20.....we met at City of his friends was in one of my classes. But boy was he a partier! Not really my type....but he was such a cutie!

It was foggy and cold yesterday, and it looks to be a carbon copy today. Where did those 70 degree temps go???

Time to get ready for work...................

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Friday, January 09, 2004 IS January, right? Sure couldn't tell by the weather we had on Thursday! Bright sunshine, 70 degrees, and the Sierras were clear as a bell! On the drive in to work today, the sun was coming up, reflecting off the clouds hanging over the Sierras, giving a fiery red/orange glow to the clouds, and you could see every jagged peak in the Sierras. JUST GORGEOUS! And I didn't have my camera, damn it!

How do they expect us to do our work EFFICIENTLY if they don't give us access to the programs we need??? The ever continuing saga of work life here!! My co-worker, Mary, needs access to a couple of different programs as part of her job as Medicare/Medi-Cal biller....she's been in this billing position since about late September....she STILL doesn't have access to the Reg-Plus system!!! HELLOO!!! Sometimes this place just baffles me!

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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Yep....just as I suspected...William from RABS (Revenue And Banking Services) emailed today, saying that he hadn't received my transmittals for the 30th and 31st. And the close-off time to get everything transmitted is STILL 1/7/04 by 4 pm.....HELLLLLOOOO, it's the 6th, so I still technically had another day!!!! >:-/ I sent him a 'nice', but bordering on sarcastic email, saying that I just received the totals from Loomis TODAY, but that I would get everything transmitted by mornings' end.....which I did. HEY WILLIAM....GET OFF MY FRIGGIN' BACK!!! Let ME do MY job, and shut up and do YOUR job! Then he calls me this afternoon, saying he still hasn't received the transmittal report for the Clovis facility for 12/1. WTF???? That was sent a LONG time ago. He probably just can't find it! Sometimes I wonder where this guy was standing when the line for brains was forming. ;-)

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It was back to work for everyone yesterday. Although the Christmas tree is STILL up in Business Office 1! No one is making an attempt to take it down. I have my own work to do, and it's not in my quadrant, so whatever floats their boats. I didn't get the work I needed yesterday from Loomis Fargo to complete my batching for 12/30. I'm sure Revenue And Banking Services will be calling me today to remind me to transmit.....HOW THE HELL CAN I TRANSMIT THE DATA WHEN I DON'T EVEN HAVE THE FREAKIN' DATA??!!! So my day will be busy today, I'm sure.

Went to Speedy Zapata's yesterday for lunch with Mary....the food was good, but the customer service was has been the last couple of times we've walked over there for lunch. The food gave me terrible heartburn afterwards, so I don't really care to eat there for awhile.

Other than that....nothing else to report in my world.

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Saturday, January 03, 2004

Yesterday was the day that would NEVER end! We had a skeletal crew at work, so I was in my quadrant all by my lonesome, and I loved it! Took down the decorations on my desk, and I didn't have to listen to the random babblings of my co-worker.

Monday it's life back to normal around the friend Mary comes back to work after being off for the past 6 weeks due to surgery....WELCOME BACK, MY FRIEND!!!

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Thursday, January 01, 2004

2003 is in the books....on to a brand new year. But one gripe that I have about the whole New Years Eve thing.....WHY do people have to shoot firecrackers and loud bombs, or whatever the hell they are, until 1 in the freakin' morning??? Just go outside, yell Happy New Year, and SHUT UP after that!!! Or better yet, stay INSIDE, make out with someone at midnight, and whatever else floats your boat!! Geez!!! It's just another damn day!!! What about all of the poor pets you idiots are scaring with your firecrackers, and those damned Whistler fireworks???? Whoever invented firecrackers should have one lit up their arse.

Speaking of fireworks up the arse, take a look at these videos - the guitar tech for Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard, THE greatest rock group on the planet, decided to see what it felt like to be one with fireworks this past summer while Def Leppard was in the middle of their "X" tour, and the action was caught on tape: Fireworks. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the links to the two videos...they do take awhile to load up, especially for those with dial-up. I found them to be funny, actually!

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