Saturday, December 06, 2008

Still Alive

Yep....I'm still alive....I just spend most of my 'blogging' time on MySpace, and that's just to post a Photo Of The Day. Nothing new here...same shit, different day.

But we did get out for the evening on Nov. 19th to see the west coast tour of Trans Siberian Orchestra! Jeff Scott Soto did two solos that night, and he was FANTASTIC! It was so good to see him live again... I got a smile and nod from him after his first solo, and again when he was introduced about halfway through the show, and again at the end of the show....and I got a hug from him at the meet and greet after the show, plus a picture! He is such a sweetheart...he truly cares about his fans. The rest of the cast was extremely nice as well....we will be going again each year!

Here's the link to my Photobucket with the shots I was able to take:
Trans Siberian Orchestra in Fresno.

And my two videos I took of Jeff's solos...just short snippets - be sure to click "WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY" under each video if you go to my YouTube page itself; and yes, that's my big mouth you hear...LOL:

Prince Of Peace:

Good King Joy:

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