Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hail Storm

We had this ULTRA COOL hail storm come through at about 4:45 on Thursday afternoon. Good thing I get off work at 4, because this thing was UGLY, and beautiful! I seriously got all giddy when I walked out of work and saw the big ugly black clouds! I don't know why storms do that to me...and I'm not talking just your regular rain storm...I'm talking about the ugly, EXTREMELY angry looking clouds.... they just do something to me! I feel so peaceful when I'm watching them come in.... is that strange or what? I am just so FASCINATED by storms like this:

Incoming...just as I left work:

Just about home here:

OOOOHHHHHHH!!!!! Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!


After the storm:

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Try This....FREE Bottle! guys have GOT to try this! I'm sure many of you have heard about the benefits of the Acai berry in the past year. I've been using another Acai berry product for the past year, and I sent out a few bottles to various friends. A few complained about the strong it was for them.

I urge those of you who tried that product to try this product: Acai Plus. The link will take you to my website where you can order a FREE...yes, I said FREE...bottle of Acai Plus! You pay the shipping/handling, and you can try this wonderful product.

I can tell you that the taste is not as strong as the other product....I think many of you will like the taste of this better. It's not as thick in consistency, and it carries the same benefits of the other product.

Please...give it a try and let me know how you like it!

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Let This Day Be OVER!

She's f*cking insane! Friday morning, at 1 AM mind you, she woke me up out of a dead sleep by slamming her bathroom door shut. Then I heard her mumbling something, and her voice got louder and louder...she yelled at dad to GET UP OUT OF THAT BED AND GET IN YOUR OWN BED! Uh....hello....HE WAS IN HIS OWN BED!!! She started slapping him to get out. I just stayed in my bedroom for a few minutes, until I heard the bathroom door slam again.

I came out of my room and saw her standing in the doorway, and dad standing behind a few steps with his clothes 1 IN THE MORNING! I asked what the hell is going on...she said, "HE TRIED TO GET INTO BED WITH ME!" Dad said bullshit, and that started the verbal tirade.

She stayed in the front room BY HER OWN CHOICE, then bitched at both of us when morning came that we were selfish to leave her all alone and go back to our beds. I went on to work, and she had calmed down somewhat by the time I got home.

Saturday was perfectly verbal assaults, no hitting, nothing...we all got along just beautifully. Until about 10:30 Sat. night...Devil Dog started barking, so I opened my bedroom door and saw her standing there talking to Devil Dog. I told her that I'd take care of him. Then she said, "He tried to get into bed with me again." I looked and he was in his OWN bed. I told her that, and she got pissed and said she was through with me...I've called her a liar for the last time. Oh, did I mention before that she now thinks he's molesting HER DOG????? F*CK ME SENSELESS! Just because Boo comes up to the side of his rocker in the evening for a belly rub, that now equals dog molesting! She sits around now and holds Boo whenever he is in the room....last night the poor dog couldn't wait to get off her lap!

Today has been HELL ON WHEELS. I've been hit on, verbally abused, and called a liar and thief all fricking day. I've been called everything but a whore. First I'm not defending her, then I'm stealing her clothes, then I'm cutting her clothes, then I'm stealing her jewelry! And she has the audacity to say she's been trying to be friends with me all day?? BULLSHIT! Am I not supposed to feel any hurt feelings toward her after the things she said to me, and accused me of?? She thinks she is the only one who has been hurt in all of this.

And sometimes I think she sees me as her late sister...different things she will say, like tonight after her shower...she said that "we've always fought, ever since we were little kids." I looked at her strange and she said, "Don't look at me like that! You've always caused problems for had to move a couple of times because of you...daddy used to tell you to not upset mom." HUH????

Then earlier today, she said that her dad tried to teach me to say Poppa when I was a baby. Her father passed away a few years before I was even born! And earlier than that, she said that I wasn't here when she 'came here.' I told her I was, and I asked where she was....she said she was living up in Sacramento with her mother. WTF???? She's NEVER lived in Sac, much less with Grandma...who has been residing in the Clovis Cemetary since 1984!

Dad said to her after dinner when she was going off on me, that he was going to call her doc this week and take her in. That didn't sit well...she said NO YOU'RE NOT! I AM NOT GOING, AND YOU CAN'T DECIDE THAT FOR ME!


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Friday, February 16, 2007


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Thursday, February 15, 2007

I Am....

LOL! It's a sign I posted on the wall entering my cubie at work. I said that I was the redheaded stepchild a couple of weeks ago because my manager didn't tell me that she was bringing in lunch for the office....and she had been sitting in the cubie behind me ALL MORNING! I almost left for lunch when one of my other co-workers told me that we were having Chinese Chicken Salad brought in courtesy of our manager. This was like 5 minutes before lunch!

So as a joke, I made this sign up and tacked it onto the entrance wall to my cubicle. It's received many laughs...LOL!

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Sunday, February 11, 2007


Finally....some nice clouds rolled through here this weekend:

This was an interesting shot of one of the trees out that moss, or algae?

CUTE bird!

Crescent moon:


More storm clouds from this morning/afternoon:

At least I seem to be able to take these pictures right....I sure as hell can't seem to do anything else right this weekend. I'll be SO glad to get to work tomorrow! It positively slays me how many times she will move her clothes from the dresser to her bed, and accuse me of moving them, or having my clothes mixed in with hers! TWICE today she has unloaded the dresser, and bitched at me about it! STOP MOVING YOUR F*CKING CLOTHES, AND YOU'LL FIND THEM RIGHT WHERE YOU LAST PUT THEM!!!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Beautiful Sunrise/Sunset

Such a pretty sunrise Monday morning...I was afraid I had missed it....the sky was blazing red when I came out of the bathroom to head for work. It faded considerably when I walked out to my car....this was what was left...still beautiful, though:

And the sunset last night:

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Friday, February 02, 2007


Finally....I had a few free moments to crop some recent pictures:

I wish this hadn't turned out so blurry....because this sea gull was just bitching up a storm in our parking lot earlier this week in the early morning, and it was the only shot I could get:

This was from last Saturday....cute birds lined up on the fence out in the backyard:

Clouds on 1/28 in the late afternoon - haven't had many storms this fall/winter unfortunately:

This was a rather cool picture from Thursday afternoon....the sun rays beaming from the clouds:

The sun rays again, with a bird flying across the top of the picture:

NICE sunset this evening:

And if things weren't already screwed up this of the Materiel Services guys came into my office at about 3:30 this afternoon to tell me that I had a screw lodged into my right back tire. Just f-ing great. I guess I'll have to take it somewhere tomorrow to see if the screw should be removed, and have the tire patched? Geez, I don't want to have to buy new tires now, on top of having to get the window fixed this week!

When it rains, it pours.....and it's a frigging downpour in my life lately! If I could just stay outside with the beautiful clouds....I feel so at peace when the clouds are around.

Oh yeah....don't blink when you play this one, you THAT DUDE blink and you'll miss it....LOL!!! Just a quickie from the Fresno show last freaks....LOL! I see even the PLAY button knows that THAT DUDE isn't all that important...hehehe:

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I Just About Cried!

My electronic stapler at work decided to die on me yesterday. I seriously almost started crying! I've had that stapler for about 7 years, and it's been a LIFESAVER on my hands/wrists. I am using a conventional stapler today and HATING IT!

I have to put in a request for a new electronic stapler on Monday. Knock on wood that my electronic letter opener doesn't decide to die on me, too!

Same shit, different day with mom....and it's Friday, which means I have 2 days of her shit to deal with on the weekend. *sigh*

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

What A Dumbass

We had some police excitement around our neighborhood this morning at 4:30. At least 20 police cars went whizzing by our house going at least 75 mph, lights flashing. Dad and I were letting the inside dogs out to use the lawn. I was picking up the wet wee pads in the front foyer when I looked out the front door windows and saw these flashing lights going by REALLY fast.

I'd heard the sirens, but when I counted the 10th cop car going by, I knew SOMETHING major was happening....I went out into the backyard and dad said he thought he heard a gunshot. MORE cop cars came blazing by. So when the 5 AM news came on, it said that a bank robbery suspect had led Fresno police on a high speed chase through the streets of North Fresno...they cornered him not far from our house, and they shot/killed him because he got out of the car with A SHOTGUN IN HIS HANDS! Dumbass:

Bank robbery suspect killed

The Fresno Bee
02/01/07 07:56:39 AM

A bank robbery suspect was shot and killed this morning by Fresno police after a high-speed chase through northeast Fresno, a police spokesman reported.
Jeff Cardinale said five officers opened fire on the suspect after he got out of his car and approached them with a shotgun.

The shooting happened in front of the Orchard Park Assisted Living Center at Alluvial and Willow avenues just inside the Clovis city limits, Cardinale said. No officers were injured.

Cardinale said that about 3:50 a.m. police came across a car parked on the street on the northbound lanes of Blackstone Avenue at Nees Avenue. The officers walked up to the car and saw a man who appeared to be sleeping with a shotgun at his side.
He said officers backed away from the vehicle and ran a check on the license plate, which turned out to be wanted in connection with a robbery at a credit union office at Bullard and West avenues on Wednesday afternoon. The man in the car, he said, also matched the description of the robber.

Cardinale said the officers were starting to set out spiked strips around the vehicle when the man, whose identity has not been released, woke up and sped away. What followed was nearly a 30-minute chase through northeast Fresno, during which officers reported shots fired at them from the suspect's vehicle.
He said the suspect ran over a spiked strip around Chestnut and Bullard avenues and the chase eventually came to an end at Alluvial and Willow where the driver got out of the car holding a shotgun.

Cardinale said Clovis police are conducting the investigation into the shooting, because it occurred within the city of Clovis.

A number of street closures were reported this morning because of the incident, including Alluvial east of Willow, Willow at Nees and Chestnut at Bullard. Most of the street closures are expected to last most of the morning.

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