Monday, May 04, 2009

Yep...still alive

Wow...has it been this long since my last post? I guess I spend most of my time on MySpace and now on, Facebook...LOL. I forget about this blog!

Still alive and doing great! Going to see .38 Special/REO Speedwagon/Styx on the 17th...can't wait for that one! I actually went out a couple of Saturdays ago, to Kathy's brother Tim's birthday party on a Saturday evening. Had too much fun watching drunk people walk right into the patio screen door, and the sliding glass door. That was hysterical! And saw an old dude taking a walk in the neighborhood park near Tim's house, who had to be wearing his wife's short shorts...and the whitest legs I think I've ever seen...OMG! I had my camera with me, but I was too stupified to even compose myself to take a shot...LOL!

Dad has been getting re-acquainted with one of his best friends from high school...he also lost his wife about 2 or 3 weeks after mom died. His wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was gone 8 days later. But dad has driven down to his house in Visalia twice, and they are rekindling their old friendship which is good.

Sorry it's been so long....but feel free to come visit me on MySpace or Facebook!

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