Friday, September 30, 2005


One more week until Crue rolls into Fresno....and believe me...I'm SO ready! I need a good night out with some blasting rock.

And we have a birthday girl today! Today is Julie's birthday....have a wonderful day, sweetie!

Not much else to say today....except have a good weekend!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Ran into Rat Bastard when I took a delivery out to my drop box this morning...he said, "What's up Bubblicious?" Ummmmmmm....can't say I've ever been called that one before.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Cool Storm Clouds

We had some rain today, but it cleared up this afternoon...just long enough to heat up the atmosphere, and bring these up this evening! I saw some lightning flashes while I was out taking pictures, but no luck in catching a flash....but regardless - believe it or not, being outside with the clouds was the first time I've felt peaceful today:

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Saturday, September 24, 2005


Just got back from spending the morning out at's a few pictures of the balloons....there weren't that many here...maybe 25 balloons. It was a LOVELY, but chilly morning....and me without a jacket! One of these days, I *HAVE* to go up in a balloon!

You can view all of the pictures I took this morning in my Photobucket album: 2005 ClovisFest Balloons/Vintage Cars . There are a few pictures of some vintage cars that were on display after the balloons lifted off, at the actual ClovisFest.


Doing a test burn:

Never argue with a guy with a big......flamethrower:

Up up and away:

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Balloons Did Test Run

Kathy sent me a text on my phone on her way to work this morning, to let me know that there were some balloons up at about 7:30 this I went out onto the loading dock out back, and tried to get a shot of a couple of them...but they were a little too far the air is full of our lovely gunk, so you can't really see them that well...but here's a shot of two of them in the distance doing a test run for Saturday morning:

Geez, no wonder I'm having trouble breathing this week! All of this crap in the air!

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Crue Countdown Is On

The "Crue Countdown" is on....2 weeks from tonight, Kathy and I will be checking out Motley Crue for the first time at the Save Mart Center. Should be interesting to say the least...hopefully my pictures will be better than my Eagles pics were. Our seats are in a better vantage point this time. Maybe I'll do a pictorial of some of the slutty attire that shows up as well.

Tomorrow we're heading out to the ClovisFest at the butt crack of dawn to watch the hot air balloons lift off at 7 am, then we'll probably grab some breakfast at one of the cafes in Old Town Clovis, then walk around for a bit and take a peek at all of the booths set up by vendors. We went last year, and decided to make this our annual "Girls Morning Out" event.

Have a good weekend...and I hope everyone in the Gulf Coast stays SAFE this weekend!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Quite Electrical

Wow....we had some hella cool lightning last was flashing about every 5 to 10 seconds for quite awhile. Thank goodness we didn't have the thunder to match the intensity of the flashes....otherwise the dogs would have been bonkers.

I don't know why I am so drawn to turbulent weather. I wanted to go outside and stand out in the open to watch the lightning dance across the sky! I get such a charge (pardon the pun) seeing violent-looking clouds. That's probably the one thing that is guaranteed to take my breath away. I'll probably die one of these days at the hand of Mother Nature, knowing my attraction to turbulent weather. Just call me the female version of Jim Cantore. LOL!!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm A "Part Diva"

I guess I need to work harder at my "Diva Skills"....although yesterday's tantrum about the Lep show was a pretty good effort, I think....LOL:

You're Part Diva

You know that a girl's gotta work it to get her way in the world.
And while you aren't about to throw a tantrum at every turn...
You do amp up the drama when you know you need it.
You mix charm, honesty, and kindness to get ahead.
Are You a Diva?

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Shit Shit Shit Shit.....

Def Lep will be in Sacramento on November's a Thursday night. F*ck. *stomping off to pout............*

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

More Eagles Pics

I finally got around to giving my pictures from The Eagles concert last Friday another look-through:

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Word Of The Day: "Houseatosis"

Yes....the resident Word Slaughterer is back at work after a year off for medical reasons....long time readers will remember her as the bright bulb who brought a day-old Taco Bell burrito to work to RETURN it, because it wasn't what she ordered the previous night?!

Well, the comedy has already started, and it's not even 10 am. She's sitting with our Senior Clerk to be re-trained on her desk, and she came back into our office, looking for a breath mint. She said she needed a Certs or something because she was going to be breathing into Senior's face, and she didn't want to breathe 'Houseatosis' all over her. I chuckled and said, "Houseatosis?" She said, " know...bad breath." I laughed and said, "You mean HALITOSIS, not Houseatosis!"

She looked at me dumbstruck and honestly thought it was pronounced houseatosis. LOL!!!!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Heeeee's Back

Well....who do I see when I go out back to the drop box but the Rat Bastard. I must have smelled the rat shit. I just put my hands on my hips and said, "Well well." Turned around and opened my box, and he kept saying, "You're mad at me, aren't you?" NO SHIT, RATTY!! I just shrugged my shoulders, and said "Why shouldn't I be??"

I don't think he really comprehends what he did....I get the impression he sees it as 'harmless flirting.''re MARRIED!!! Most married men who are happily married don't go around putting notes on another woman's car!! He kept saying "Don't be mad" while I was briefly conversing with him. AND WHY THE HELL NOT???

So he's back on our work route for awhile...he said they are wanting to give him another route, so he's not sure how long he'll be on this one. So, I'll be cordial...but distant from now on. Rat Bastard......

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Rat Bastard Delivers Last Package

Yes....the Rat Bastard delivered our last package. I happened to see him through the dining room window while vacuuming the dining room, so I left the vacuum on, and tried to get a picture through the sheers over the window....but no go. He was on the porch for a good 30-45 seconds, I'd say. He looked at the door for a few seconds when he got in his Brown truck, then lollygagged around in the truck for a hopes of seeing me open the door, no doubt.

Oh well.... you shouldn't have been playing with fire, Rat Bastard.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Got A Good Laugh At "Hottie" Expense Friday

So, I'm waiting for Kathy and Dean to come pick me up Friday for the Eagles concert....and about 10 minutes before they arrive....who pulls up out front to deliver the second of three packages??

I watched from a curtain-clad dining room window, and chuckled. He seemed rather apprehensive to even walk up to the door....he took off his sunglasses, but he didn't ring the doorbell this time. Instead he simply placed the package on the porch, and walked down the sidewalk back to his Brown truck...and looked back at the door TWICE to see if he would catch me opening the door. Then he got back into the truck, looked back a THIRD time; put his seat belt on, and looked back one last time.....the look of disappointment on his face was hilarious!

We'll see what happens when he has to deliver our last package this week. Hopefully I'll be able to watch again.

Rat bastard. ;-)

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Eagles Pics

Here's a few of the pictures I snapped last night. They aren't up to my standards, because we were in the back of the arena, in the damned nosebleeds. But hey....I'll take 'em. I'll get better pictures at the Crue show next month....we're 6 rows from the floor, just a little past mid-arena. MUCH better vantage point than our seats last night:

This was our vantage point without any zoom on my you can see just how far away we were:

Joe Walsh on one of the video screens:

I think this was during "Boys Of Summer":

Can't remember what song this was during:

Or this one:

Or this one, either:

I believe this was during "Sunset Grill"

I'll go through and post more later today, or tomorrow. All in all, it was a fantastic show! I didn't realize just how many Eagles' songs I knew from my high school years! If they come to your area....GO! You won't be disappointed.

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Friday, September 09, 2005

That Was Great!

Just a quickie....just got home from The Hotel California...damn, I'm impressed! The Eagles put on one hell of a show....they sound fantastic! They played for almost 3 hours! I'll sort through my pictures Saturday, and post a few here.

Craziest thing we saw? This chick started dancing in the walkway near us, toward the end....and had to hit her inhaler a couple of times....but that didn't stop her! I think they wrote the song "All She Wants To Do Is Dance" specifically for this gal...LOL! And older people just should not attempt to dance.....their rhythm left them LONG ago! LMAO!!

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Hotel California

I'll be at the "Hotel California" for a couple of hours tonight....The Eagles (the band, not the football team with the whining T.O.) will be hitting the Save Mart Center tonight. I'm going to try to sneak my camera in, so hopefully I'll report back with photos.

I must have scared the shit out of the former "Mr. Hottie", because I happened to be standing at the kitchen sink at about 5 pm, and I saw him pull up to the corner REALLY fast, and wait for traffic to go by so he could go deliver across the street.....HEY'd BETTER deliver the two other packages we are expecting this week! Don't even ring the doorbell....just drop the packages on the porch, and move your ass along. Wimp.

Have a good weekend, everyone! Oh, one last's always a beautiful thing when the Raiders lose. LOL!

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Well Shit

Mr. Hottie has a Mrs. Hottie. F*ck.

He dropped off one of our packages, and I saw him pull up. So I talked to him for a few minutes on the front porch, and casually asked if he was going to the Bulldog game this Saturday. He said yes, and I asked who he would be going with....'his family.' So I asked the obvious. "Are you married." "Yeah." Then he asked if I was mad now....I said no....disappointed, yes. Then I said: "Well, I guess I won't be flashing you now." The look on his face was PRICELESS. "Well, you can still flash me! You probably wouldn't have done it anyway." I said that he won't find out now. LOL

So.........once belief that 99% of the men are scum still holds true. Sonofabitch.

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.....look what was on my car when I left for work this that WAS Mr. Hottie! hehe

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Just One Minute Later......

Well hell....Lex, this should answer your question from the previous post comments...LOL! Had I been just one friggin' minute later in arriving home this afternoon, I would have pulled into the driveway at the same time that a big Brown truck pulled up to the corner. But noooooo....I had to go through that yellow light near the University campus! When I walked into the house, mom was sitting at the kitchen table. We have a big window that looks out into the front yard, and the street/corner. She said, "Why is that truck sitting there....did your friend leave a package on the front porch?" I ran over to the window over the kitchen sink, and saw a Big Brown truck sitting there, waiting to turn. I couldn't really get a good look at the driver, but I did see him look at the house once. He just kept sitting there, so I ran to the front door, and just as I unlocked the door, I heard the truck go around the corner. *@(#)#(#@*@*@)(@)#)$#)

I went out to the corner to see where it went, and it pulled into one of the side streets a little south of us. Grrrrrrr!!!

We have a package that says it will be delivered if he doesn't leave a note on the box...................

I'm about ready to choke that damn kid on our work route.....

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I'm A Pig

As you can see, I've added my Chinese Zodiac animal in the sidebar....and I am a Pig. The description is so dead-on it's not even funny! ESPECIALLY the one about hating arguments and fights. Those of you 'in the know' will DEFINITELY agree with that one! And everything was just fine over the weekend until last night. *sigh*

Back to work today...I had planned to take this whole week off, but I just can't hang with being around home for more than 2 days. I'm keeping this Friday off though, since Kathy, her hubby and I are heading down to the Save Mart Center to see The Eagles. Should be fun! Then Sat. night, Kathy, Heather and I will be at the Fresno State football it's going to be a busy weekend!

And that damned kid is STILL on our route this morning. >:-/ frigging long does it take someone to learn how to unload a damned Brown truck?

I hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend! And if you're not in the US, and didn't have a 3-day weekend....oh well. ;-)

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Fall Is In The Air

When I went out in the front yard this morning to trim some dying rose blossoms, I noticed some color on the trees lining the's not much, but it's a beginning...I just hope this doesn't mean it's going to be a long cold's rather early for the leaves to be changing here. Usually they don't take on their full fall splendor until late October/early November:

Another single colorful leaf from a tree by the driveway:

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Someone In NO Has Sense Of Humor!

I saw the funniest thing while watching reports on Headline News tonight about New Orleans. This one Oriental Rug shop owner had spray painted this on the plywood covering his/her storefront to try to ward off looters:

Don't even try - I'm asleep inside with a big dog, an ugly woman, 2 shotguns and a clawhammer.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005


......That kid is STILL on our route....and I haven't seen Mr. Hottie in our neighborhood this week at all....although I did see a Big Brown truck go by the house around 5:15 last night. Don't know if it was him though.

Ahhh well.

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