Friday, April 29, 2005

Storm Clouds Again!

We had some impressive thunderstorm clouds roll through yesterday afternoon....and the one day I don't stick my camera in my purse!! So my cell phone would have to do. A couple of funnel clouds were reported in a couple of areas south of Fresno, along with hail.

This was looking toward the northwest from the front of our office building...this was at about 3:15 pm:

This was on my drive home....I had to snap fast to catch the shot inbetween wiper blade sweeps on the windshield:

One last shot close to home:

Everything cleared out by 6:30 with bright sunshine....a very strange afternoon!

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Thursday, April 28, 2005


The Gods must have known that I needed a perk-up today, because not only was "Mr. Hottie UPS Man" out in the back of the loading dock, but there was also a hottie Fed Ex guy out there, too! Damn, is it hot in here, or is it just me?

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What A Sight!

Seeing the hottie UPS man unloading his truck out in back of Materiel Services this morning. *slurp* Yep, I need to go check the drop box on the loading dock at 10:10 am more often! *fanning the vapors*

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

How Have You Made It This Long?

How some people have made it through life this long, absolutely baffles me. We have some of the DUMBEST people working the front lines at the clinic! Especially when it comes to handling money in the form of bankcard receipts.

We have the machines that print out the bankcard merchant copies and customer copies as opposed to the old 'imprint' bankcards. These handy dandy little machines keep track of how many transactions a clerk has done during his/her shift. All they have to do is simply add up their merchant copies to make sure that the total printed on the Clerk report matches what they've added up....simple, right?

BAHAHAHA!!! It just amazes me how many receptionists do NOT add up their merchant copies, because it's guaranteed at least twice a week I'm going to find a merchant copy is missing, thus making the receptionist short. OR, they include declined, and voided bankcards into their merchant copies they declare for deposit....HELLLLOOOO!!! Why in the hell are you including declined and voided bankcards??? This will cause you to be OVER, you dumbshit!

Or, if they void a bankcard, or do a return on a debit card if the patient isn't seen after all...WHY IN GOD'S NAME DO YOU REPRINT THE DEBIT CARD YOU JUST DID THE RETURN ON???

But, then IS a full moon week...stupidity reigns supreme.

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Monday, April 25, 2005

Lock Your Dog In Your Yard, Asswipe!

I don't know whose dog it was, but at 4:30 this morning, there was a big dog running loose, causing our dogs to bark like crazy. Looked like it could have been a pit bull, or a bull mastiff. I took a broom out with me, and shooed it off down the sidewalk, but he came back in no time, getting right up next to the garage door, causing Sissy to go nuts. Dad went out with the broom this time, and he ran off down the driveway of the neighbors behind us. I don't think it's their dog....they have one of our dogs that they got when it was a puppy, and they have another small dog. I think this might belong to the people who moved in behind them. Not sure, but I've heard that bark before. Why can't people secure their dogs?? This dog could have ran out into the street only to be hit by a car.

The weekend was so-so. Saturday was fun...skating with Kathy, Shawnie and the girls. Yesterday could have gone right out the window as far as I'm concerned.

But it's a new week, and only 41 MORE DAYS until Lep hits town! WOOHOO!!!

Have a good one!

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Friday, April 22, 2005

Better Mood Today

Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments in my "Life Sucks" post. It was just a rotten day yesterday, and having the 'day before' emotions from that monthly bitch didn't help matters much either. And that witch is trying her damndest to appear today....LOVELY...just in time for skating tomorrow. Bleh. But, at least I know that I won't have to deal with that on June 4th!

Speaking of Lep, they will be appearing on the TODAY show on May 27th!! So I'll be sure to tape that one! I'll be working that morning, but I'll just tape the whole TODAY show. I'm glad our boys are FINALLY getting some exposure on a National's about friggin' time! They'll also be on LIVE! WITH REGIS AND KELLY on June 30th!

We're supposedly getting rain sometime this never fails...when the Clovis Rodeo occurs, it's either BEASTLY hot, or it rains. I'm not going anywhere NEAR downtown Clovis this weekend...the closest is to Red Robin tomorrow for lunch before skating.

And a big CONGRATULATIONS to my best friend Kathy...she starts a new job on Monday!! She's FINALLY getting out from all of the stress she's been under in the job she's been in for the past 14 years. The whole 14 years haven't been stressful, only the past 3 or 4 years. Can you say RAGING BITCH for a boss?? I'm just so happy that Kathy is finally going to be out from under this lunatic. WOOHOO!!!!

Happy Friday all!!

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Life Sucks Sometimes

And that's all I have to say about that.............

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Bloom/Collective Soul/NFL Draft

When I left for work this morning, I noticed that one of our Amaryllis (sp?) was in bloom...snapped a picture of it with my cell camera...I just love these flowers:

I find myself really loving the rock group Collective Soul. I have always liked the songs I've heard on the radio, and I bought their "7 Year Itch" CD awhile back. I first heard the whole CD when I was up visiting Bruce a couple of years ago...he bought it when he was down visiting, and he put that CD on one evening, and I just loved it. I've been hearing alot of Collective Soul on my Launch player while I'm working, and I'm really getting more and more into I need to start adding the rest of their CD's to my collection.

And this weekend is the NFL Draft....while I do listen to the draft proceedings, I absolutely detest the pre-draft babble that occurs on the message forums for MONTHS before the draft. Why put so much brain power into 'predicitions' that will probably not come to fruition?? And the complaining that goes on AFTER a player is drafted is just insane. Number one, how do WE know that a certain player is going to be a bust?? He hasn't even stepped foot onto the field yet! This the big reason why I no longer contribute to NFL message forums, and it's the one part of loving football that I can do without!

And I see that the webmaster of, Mark Senff, is coming over to the US for a few Lep/Bryan Adams shows....but alas, he isn't going to come to the California shows?? Hmmmph!!! You KNOW you want to come back to California, Mark! Come join us, won't you? We won't bite...not at first, anyway. ;-)

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Pull Your Pants Up!

Do women have no shame these days? I went over to the mall at lunchtime to look at purses at Macys, and after looking around I walked down to the Food Court to see what I could have for lunch. I ordered a Rice Bowl with Orange Chicken, and found a table. As I'm eating my lunch, a woman in her early 30's sat at a table not far from me. She had on a tummy shirt, and let's just say she probably should have thought of something OTHER than the tummy shirt. She took a seat in her chair, and the top of her black thong rode up out of the top of her grungy pants, and it looked like whoever was sitting behind her could be getting a great view of plumber's crack, judging by how far down the back of her pants looked to be while sitting in her chair.

Damn, why not just forego the pants, and walk around in your thong, if that's the look you're going for! Geez, no shame.........

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April seems to be a busy month for birthdays, and today is no exception....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my fellow Lep fans/bloggers - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEPH!

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Monday, April 18, 2005

WHY Are Black Jeans Tighter??

I found a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans on sale Sunday at one of our local department stores. I tried on a couple of different sizes of blue jeans, and a pair of the black jeans. I still want to know WHY black jeans are always tighter-fitting than a pair of the same style of jeans, only in blue?? I swear, the waistband on the blue pair (same style, same size as the black pair) stuck out away from my body a good inch, while the black pair fit almost snug as a glove. NOW WHY IS THAT???

Is there something about the black dye? I just don't understand it! And it's not just with this particular brand of jeans....I've noticed it with Lee jeans, Cherokee jeans....the black is ALWAYS tighter!

So, I only bought the black pair for work. I still need a blue pair of jeans for the Lep concert in June...I'll be damned if I'm standing out in the hot sun all day in BLACK jeans!

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

From Karen And Rhonda's Blogs:

Sounds like me:

Your element is Fire: Strong, hot tempered,
powerful, and passionate. Well now lets see,
being fire you are quite strong and powerful,
people look up to you greatly and often seek
your protection. You have the ability to gain
many friends and you are always one people can
count on to do what you say you will do. You
are extremely loyal be it friends or family
you'll stick up for them and you are never
willing to put them in a position that could
hurt them. You know what role you play in life,
leader, and you intend to let people know it.
Not everyone is capable of leadership but you
certainly have the willpower and flare to do
it. You have quite a temper if it shows itself,
one that can often lead you into trouble. Once
your mind is made up there is no changing it
but no one said that was a bad thing.

.:-What is your true element?-:. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers-
brought to you by

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She calls herself the "Bitchy Babbling Blonde", but Angie is one of the sweetest people I've come across in the Lep fan kingdom....and today is her birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANGIE!!! I hope it's a great day for you!

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Saturday, April 16, 2005


Remember our little puppies that were born in late November? Well, here are a couple of pictures I just took this morning of Mandy and Oreo. Oreo is the male, Mandy is the female. And yes, we still miss their little brother immensely.

But Mandy and Oreo are little tyrants! Here's Oreo:

And here's Mandy:

We just love them to death!

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Friday, April 15, 2005

Can't You Be QUIET With Those Chains???

Nothing like being awakened at 3:20 in the morning to the sound of a truck idling, and hearing chains being thrown around on that truck. Someone close by obviously needed a tow, judging by the sound of those chains being thrown about on a flatbed tow truck. But can't you be a little more quiet throwing those chains??? Damn!

Only 7 more weeks until Lep!! WOOHOO!!! I'll be on vacation that week prior to the show, and that will probably be the LONGEST vacation, since I will be giddy with anticipation!

And Terrell need to just SHUT THE HELL UP. Yes you ARE being greedy. Your ego must enter rooms before your body does. You aren't happy unless you are the center of attention. You have a few good games and you think you're the greatest receiver. Sorry, but that honor goes to one Mr. Jerry remember him....he was your mentor during your time in San Francisco. You can't even begin to carry Jerry's jockstrap. Why do you think you were so emotional in the last second win over the Packers in the playoffs a few years ago? Because you flubbed up during most of the that was your 'redemption.' Go cry a frickin' river, T.O. I'm just thankful that you're Philly's problem now, and not the 49ers'.

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Men Are Just Plain Weird

What is it with men these days? I had been exchanging emails recently with a guy who I've known for 25 years - we met at Fresno City College; we used to pull into the parking lot at the same time on certain days, and we always ended up parking next to each other. We eventually started talking and getting acquainted. I know we had a crush on each other, but nothing ever came of it.

We lost touch after FCC, but we'd run into one another periodically through the years. I hadn't run into him in quite awhile, but he found my email address somehow a few months ago, and we starting 'email flirtation'.

Yet, we have never made any sort of plans to get together over coffee to catch up....he says he doesn't want a 'relationship' until his daughter graduates from high school in a couple of years. He was widowed when his daughter was a baby. He spends alot of his time taking her to softball games all over the place, which is perfectly understandable, and which I admire.'s the kicker....he's been wanting me to send him some 'sexy' pictures of myself. I goofed around with my camera one day a couple of months back, and sent something that didn't show anything - it was a shoulder/head shot, but it gave him enough of an idea (remember, I already know the guy, so it's not like I'm sending this kind of picture to a stranger). He liked it alot, I guess. He keeps asking for more! I sent him a good picture of just from the neck up that I snapped when I got my new camera last month. I jokingly said in my email, "Sorry if this doesn't qualify as 'sexy', but I took this with my new camera."

He actually wrote back and said that it didn't qualify as 'sexy', but that I am still very pretty. WTF??? I wrote back and told him that 'sexy pictures are only for guys I'm actually DATING.' And I haven't heard hide nor hair from him since. SORRY DUDE, but you're gonna have to look elsewhere for someone dumb enough to be your personal Playboy centerfold.

So much for that friendship!

*And on a totally unrelated subject....I paid $2.81/gallon for gas this morning...that's f*cking ridiculous!!*

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Damn It's Windy!

I wish this damned weather would make up its mind this year....this morning, it's chilly and VERY windy. Yesterday, it was mid 70's. Just when you think you can pack the winter sweaters away...........

But it never fails...whenever it's time for Vintage Days, or the Clovis Rodeo (if you go to this link, turn your speakers down unless you care about hearing cheesey midi-music), it's either cold, rainy, windy, or ungodly hot. I remember one year, maybe 1980, when I worked at McDonald's, it was one of those hot hot weekends....I was working on the Saturday of the parade and was hilarious to see people coming into McDonald's in the mid-afternoon...sunburned, and drunk off their asses!

I dropped my original invoice off at LM we'll see how long it takes to get reimbursed. People NEED their why do these Extended Service Warranty people take their sweet time in getting payment to the dealer for the repair?? But, in the same token, Pontiac should have offered to cover a rental since I would have been without my car all weekend. Do they think people don't have things to do on the weekend???

But enough about that.........time to get ready for work....have a good one!

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Does ANYONE Know What They're Doing???

I felt like I was getting the royal runaround today, trying to initiate the reimbursement process from monies I paid out for my car repair. My service advisor at Pontiac told me to simply call the Ford Extended Service Program *to be abbreviated as ESP from here on out in this post*. I called this morning first thing, and was told by them that no, I need to take my papers to the Lincoln/Mercury dealership where I purchased the car, to start the process. across the street to LM at lunchtime. I'm told by one of their service advisors that NO, I need to go back to Pontiac to start the process and have them call the number the guy writes down on my paperwork, since they have already started the claim. *Red hair is starting to steam now.* Good thing the two dealerships are only a half-mile apart.

Soooooo, down the street I go to Pontiac...but I make a stop first at Office Depot to pick up some photo paper on one pack of 4x6 100 sheets, and get another pack free. It's glossy, which I'm not a fan of glossy photo paper, but what the hell.

So I pull into Pontiac, find my service guy, and explained what LM told me, and what ESP told me. He got on the phone and called the number the LM guy wrote, and asked a guy named Steve what I'm supposed to do. He said the same thing my service advisor said...go back to LM, or a Ford dealership to start the process. *Blood is boiling now, but I keep my calm around this guy, because they are the ones who service my car*. So back down the street I go, but I stop at Sonic to grab something to eat, since it is my friggin' lunchtime!

I eat my lunch, then head back to LM. The first guy I talked to wasn't in the service bay, so another guy heard my story, and HE tells me I have to go back to Pontiac!!!!!!! I'm FUCKING PISSED NOW! (A word to the wise, and to the unknowing....NEVER piss a redhead ain't pretty)! This guy talks to the Service Supervisor, and he tells me the same thing. Yet I can't seem to get ANYONE at LM to get on the phone to call Pontiac to straighten this out! The Service Supervisor says he'll make a call to ESP to get an answer, and he'll call me at work.

He calls me back a half hour later, and tells me that because Pontiac requested a credit card payment from ESP for their portion of the bill, I now have to call Pontiac back, and once they receive payment from ESP, they can credit back my debit card. *Blood pressure is soaring through the roof*

My SA at Pontiac says that he called ESP back after I told him Friday that I would pay out of pocket, and that no credit card payment from ESP was necessary. So I call LM back AGAIN, and tell the supervisor the information, and he told me to call ESP, give them the reference number on my paperwork, and that should start the claim.

But NOOOOOOOOOO....ESP tells me to take my paperwork to LM....AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! The bitch comes out now....I very sternly explain to the woman my story, and that I was told to call with my reference number. She said, "And what do you want me to do with this reference number?" I felt like telling her to shove it up her ass and twirl on it....but I just hung up. By now, I'm so furious, that I'm shaking, and starting to get tears in my eyes. I call LM back for the umpteenth time, and he says he will call a contact at ESP, and have him call me. Another half-hour later, LM supervisor calls me back, says he 'pulled some strings with ESP', and got the claim released from Pontiac, and put into his name, so now I just have to provide him with the original copy of my service paperwork, and my debit card receipt on Tuesday.


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54 More Days!!

WOOHOO!! Only 54 more days until DEF LEPPARD HITS FRESNO!!!! Yeah, I'm just a tad excited! It's gonna be wild!

Nothing much to say today except it's Monday...back to work. We had alot of fun skating on falls on my part! Except there were 3 kids, who were about 10-12 years old who thought they were just hot shit, skating around like speed demons at the beginning of the session. This one kid was even coming up behind other little kids and doing the hockey slide behind them to scare them. Hockey slides on roller skates can be quite loud. About 10 minutes into the session, Shawnie and I went over to the kid posing as a floor guard and told him about what the kids were doing. He went out and pulled them aside, and they didn't look too happy...OH WELL. Someone could have been seriously hurt by their antics. I was about ready to stick my skate out as one of them came whizzing by. (Yeah, I'm a bitch when I'm on my wheels...LOL).

But we had fun as usual. This coming weekend is the annual Vintage Days celebration at Fresno State. It's a 4 day event, with a crafts faire, Boomtown Carnival, competition events for students, Casino's always alot of fun. It was especially fun when I was a student at FSU. The group of friends that I hung out with decided we should enter a team into the competition events....which were things like tug-o-war, root beer chug/pie eating, tricycle races, and even a cow chip throwing contest...yes, a cow chip throwing contest. Oh man did we have a blast! We made up T-shirts for the event, walked in the opening day parade on campus, and just generally skipped classes. Ahhh, those good old days! One event that I miss seeing at Vintage Days is the Air Guitar competition. It was always held on Saturday night in the ampitheater (a sidenote about the ampitheater....Def Leppard played at the FSU ampitheater in their early days, appearing on a double bill with Sammy Hagar. I wasn't able to go to the show, damn it). Air guitar was always a blast....and hilarious at the same time. Students would either do a solo number, or big groups would get together to do a number to their favorite songs, and they sometimes looked like they'd stepped right out of a video on MTV back then.

Anyway....better get ready for work....I'll leave you with a picture of Boo, taken yesterday:

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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Cars Are A Pain In The Butt Sometimes!

Got my car back after work yesterday....$697.00 later! So Monday, I have to call the Ford Extended Service Plan to give them the approval number so I can get reimbursed $597.00, and all I end up with out of pocket is my $100 deductible. I hope if anything else is going to break, it does it before August when my service agreement runs out on this car!

As I looked through my past paperwork looking for the phone number, I noticed that I had essentially the same repair work done at the beginning of 2004. Last year, the serpentine belt tensioner pulley was replaced (and no, I have no idea what that is....I'm just typing what it said on the work order....LOL), and yesterday, the main serpentine belt tensioner broke, and the serpentine belt broke. So I now wonder if this is the 'weak point' in my car? Am I going to have to have this damn thing fixed every year now? I love my car, don't get me wrong.....but it just irks me how almost every car has a 'weak point' that you're always repairing.

Ah's a damn good thing I took out the Service Agreement when I got the car....otherwise this would have been no better than the old Cougar, which was nickel and diming me TO DEATH!

I still miss my '87 T-bird:

I hope the bastards who helped themselves to it in 1997 are happy.

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Friday, April 08, 2005


It's Friday, and HEY, IT'S PAYDAY!!! I just realized that! WOOHOO!!! That make it an extra great Friday!

*EDIT* Not a good way to start your morning...needing to be towed to the Pontiac dealership; which is what happened to me on the way to work. I stopped for gas, and was getting ready to turn left onto the street to get to my bank ATM, and I had NO POWER STEERING!!! It was fine when I pulled into the turn lane, so I don't know what the hell happened. I was able to get into the driveway of another gas station, and waited in the 44 degree temp for a tow truck for 45 minutes. You'd think in a city the size of Fresno that there would be more than one or two tow trucks! Then when the guy saw my 49er license plate on the front of my car, that started him babbling about the Rams, and about a card shop that I needed to check out for 49er stuff. I wanted to say, "JUST SHUT THE HELL UP AND GET ME TO KITAHARA PONTIAC!" So, needless to say I was about an hour and 15 minutes late to work. GRRRRRRR!

We have another roller skating outing planned for be prepared for more skating photos, since this will be the first time with my new camera. Just giving it a good test run before June 4th!

In addition to the 'test drive' from Thursday, I snapped the following pics of the storm clouds Thursday afternoon, and the sunrise Thursday morning:

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Test Drive

I did this 'test drive' with the new digital camera on the way home from work this afternoon to try out the movie's nothing fancy, trust me. It's just what I see each day on the way home...driving by Bulldog Stadium. And the Lep Ladies will recognize the song coming from my car CD player:

Camera Test Drive

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Have You Lost Your Mind???

Are these people on crack???!!!! I can certainly think of a million other things to do to 'find empowerment' than having fish hooks stuck under your skin!

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My Greatest Achievement

So most of you know that I was a competitive roller skater in the late 70's and early 80's. It was my life...I loved it so least until I was under the watchful, studious eye of the judges. LOL! But it kept me out of trouble, and it taught me how to reach for a goal.

That goal was accomplished in 1981, when I won Regionals in my event class, which was Intermediate Ladies Figures. Our Region was a tri-state region: California, Arizona and Nevada. I held first place through eliminations and finals in my event, beating out 40 other ladies to win the title. We skated 3 figures in eliminations, and 3 figures in the finals. After I found out that I was in first place after eliminations, I ran into my pro Cindy outside of the auditorium, and I played a little trick on her. I acted all down and out, and she asked what place I got. I looked up, held up the #1 finger, and I swear she must have jumped about 10 feet in the air!

That afternoon, we were off to different rinks in Bakersfield (where regionals were held at the time) to grab practice time. I thought I would blow it in finals, but I held it together, and WON! I couldn't believe it! This qualified me for the National Championships in Fort Worth, Texas the next month. I didn't do so hot there...I got 12th. But the experience is one that I cherish forever, and I will never forget. Even now, it's kind of surreal that I actually won Regionals.

Here's what my trophy and medal look like....the trophy is about a foot tall:

Image hosted by

And my trophy showing my title:

Image hosted by

My medal up's a heavy sucker, too! And I just realized you can't read the words on the medal around the top - "United States Regional Champion":

Image hosted by

This was without a doubt the best time of my life...memories I will cherish forever! Was it stressful? You bet it was. There were days when I didn't want to do it anymore. But 1981 made it all worthwhile...all the hard work, all of the competitions where I didn't place...they were all pieces of this puzzle that I wouldn't trade for ANYTHING.

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Monday, April 04, 2005


Yes, it's that time of year again....the most boring time of year...Major League Baseball is back on the airwaves. I *HATE* baseball...almost as much as NASCAR. How riveting to sit and watch a bunch of grown men driving fast, turning left. *dripping in sarcasm*

In baseball, just how many times does the pitcher have to throw to first base, anyway? HELLO, the batter is in front of you!! Yes, I know the reason for throwing to first is to try to catch the runner on first off-base. But come you really have to throw to first 5 times in a row???

Give me a Sunday full of NFL football, and I'm a HAPPY camper! Is it football season YET??

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Spring Forward

Yes's that time of year again to 'spring forward.' Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour tonight....we'll lose that hour of beauty sleep...damn it.

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Friday, April 01, 2005


64 days and counting until Def Leppard hits town!!!! WOOOOO-FREAKIN-HOOO!!!!! I know of at least 4 people in our small office complex that will be going, plus yesterday I spoke to a gal that I know who works at Penneys, and she is going, along with her hubby and her daughter, plus my Lep forum buddy Miss Magic is coming down from Canada for the San Jose and Fresno shows for sure....that will be a blast to meet her! I'm so freakin' excited for this!

The only thing I have to say about Terri Schiavo is that if a significant other of mine were to ever do to my family what he has done to Terri's family by not allowing them to be with her during her final moments, I would come back and haunt the bastard from the grave until he regretted the day he ever met me. Do I think she needed to continue to live in the state she was in? No, I don't...but did she have to die such a slow cruel death? We don't even do this to animals....there must be a better way to allow someone to die with dignity, instead of letting them starve to death. There's just something about her husband that smells like a snake in the grass to me. I can only hope that Terri has finally found peace, and her family can find some semblence of peace.

And with that....HAPPY FRIDAY!

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