Monday, May 31, 2004

RIP, Chaz

We woke up this morning to find that one of our beloved dogs, Chaz, had passed away at some point during the night. We found him on the cement walkway in the back yard. We don't know what may have caused his death, as he was relatively healthy. He was a little heavier than desired for a Peke, but he wasn't grossly overweight. He was 6 1/2 years old, so we were in a state of shock most of the day. Dad buried him in the back part of the back yard.

Hopefully, he'll greet us at the Rainbow Bridge one day. Bye Bye

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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Give A Listen

Rhonda posted an audio clip from a new band she discovered through a pop-up ad while surfing on Yahoo yesterday, called ATOMSHIP. I listened to the clip, and clicked on the band link, listened to other clips, and *I LIKE* the sound they have. Give it a might like it.

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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Got Me A Cannister Set...LOL!

It's one of those things that 'you had to be there' to enjoy the humor of my title...but Kathy and I had a good laugh about it during our shopping excursion today. Hysterical

But to make a long story short, I got a free cannister set at our local Gottschalks Department Store, at the Estee Lauder counter. Because I spent $70.00, I got a free 3-piece cannister set. Felt like I was carrying the friggin' kitchen with me during the rest of our shopping.

But I spent some hard earned dollars today, and I had a blast, spending time with Kathy.
High Five

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A New Blog Joins "The Family"

"The Family" (sounds like a Mafia term, doesn't it...just refer to all of us as "The Leppard Mafia" Rolly ) just grew by one. Patty offers her "Slice Of Life", so please stop by for a slice.... or two. WELCOME PATTY!!!

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Friday, May 28, 2004

Almost Vacation Time

Today is my last day to work before starting my weeks' vacation. Actually, *I* won't be working much....I'm giving a 'refresher course' to one of the girls who is our Float, and she did my desk during Christmas, so it's just a brush-up today. She'll be doing my desk from start to finish, and I'll sit over on the other computer and play a little. Rolly

I like my duties, because once I complete the days' work, I'm done....nothing hanging over my head for the next day. It's a relatively stress-free job, unless I don't balance. But it's usually not hard to find the error.

Man, it's sure windy outside....and cloudy. But it's supposed to be back up into the 90's by Memorial Day. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Yes, I'm Strange..........

*** I like tomato juice, ketchup, tomato sauce....but I hate raw tomatoes.

*** I like strawberry flavored things....but I hate fresh strawberries.

*** I love to read....but I hate reading instructions.

*** I like lemon flavored things....but I hate lemons/lemon juice.

*** I love to travel....but I hate the travel time getting there.

*** I love to shop....but I don't like spending the money.

Yep....I'm strange. Spinnng

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....nothing much to really talk about today. Gas prices are out of sight here in California....$2.39 for unleaded. Our weather has been very pleasant lately...upper 70's to mid 80's.

Any big plans for anyone for the Memorial Day weekend? For me....lunch/shopping with Kathy on Saturday; as for the rest of the week...just whatever. Sure wish we were going to Reno like the 'good old days'. You can bet that if Def Lep ever hit Reno....I'M SO THERE!!! And the rest of the Lep gang are invited to join me if that ever happens! It may not be as glizty as 'Glitter Gulch', but there's so many things to see and do...namely Lake Tahoe. If any of you Divas haven't been to don't know what you're missing! Count on me to be the "Reno/Tahoe" tour guide if that day ever comes!

And the more I listen to the Van Halen live "Right Here, Right Now" CDs, I get more and more excited for the show on August 14th! It's gonna be a rockin' time!

Happy Wednesday!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Staff Meeting Today

Ahhhh, is that lovely time of the month where we all gather 'round, and share songs of love and praise the joys of working together............ we build our little campfire on the table, and sing campfire songs about work.......
Too Funny

In a dream world, maybe! Yes, today is our monthly staff meeting. Oh joy. Wake me when it's over.

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Monday, May 24, 2004

It Isn't THAT Difficult!

I stopped by the Starbucks close by work on the way in this morning....this is a new Starbucks, only a couple of months old. You'd think by now they'd have all of the kinks worked out, and more organization. WRONG!!!!

Number one...this is a Starbucks located by a Ramada Inn, AND by the on and off-ramps of a major freeway. Keywords here: EXPECT A CROWD AT ANY MINUTE. This morning, it wasn't very crowded at all.

Number two...during morning rush hour, it would be feasible to think they would have more than three people working on a Monday morning. WRONG!! They had one guy working the register; one girl (who is really very nice) making the assorted blended drinks; and one girl working the drive-thru. Another ditzy girl came running in a little after 7, and one would think they would get the drink orders completed before sending the nice girl on her break. Nope....we leave the ditz to making the drinks, and of course, she screwed my White Chocolate Mocha, extra hot, extra whip by leaving the whip off.

I guess the guy working the register saw my frustration in my face, as he apologized profusely, and gave me a coupon for a free drink next time, which was appreciated.

I may start going back to the Starbucks a mile further down the road, but with gas prices the way they are, I may just deal with the frustrations of this Starbucks a couple of times a week.

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Last Week Before Vacation

Like I'm going anywhere....NOT. Tears

I'm about ready to cancel my vacation next week. Just staying around the homestead for 2 days over the weekend is PLENTY for me. But, I haven't been off since Christmas, and I have things I want, and need to do next going to the DMV for license renewal (I've had the maximum extensions by mail, so now I have to physically to the DMV for a new picture); take my car in for an oil change; maybe head up to Chukchansi Gold for a little gambling; SHOPPING with best friend Kathy this weekend (email me with what day, Kathy); and trying to throw some shit out of my room, and computer room. I've got so much crap piled everywhere, and I need to get rid of it.

Here's hoping this week is better than last week for all! Waving

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Sunday, May 23, 2004


Man, the subject lines of SPAM is getting more and more hilarious. Just a few of the subject lines of SPAM found in my SPAM folder:

1) Wanna Get Laid Tonight? - (I highly doubt that I'd "wanna get laid" by the likes of the sender.)

2) Cheap Viagra (or V*I*A*G*R*A*, or Vi_agra or whatever combination attempts to pass through) - Do I look like I have a penis??? Crazy

3) Explode On Me, Then Pee On Me - Screaming

4) Horny Teens Doing It With Farm Animals - Oh yeah, that's just what I want to see....dumbass teens getting it on with a horse. No

Some people just have WAYYYYYY too much time on their hands.............

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Saturday, May 22, 2004

I'm Back In Your Face

Well, I'm back in business as far as the home 'puter goes! My brother came over this morning, and discovered that the 512 memory is NOT compatible with my PC, and that was what caused the crashes.

He plugged the 256 stick back in, plugged the external hard drive he brought with him into my PC, and now I'm zipping along just fine.
Too Happy

You'd think that the trained monkeys working at places like Best Buy would know things like this. But, evidently NOT. to move my files over onto the external drive.

And we in the Lep community family are SO THANKFUL that the crisis up Lizzy's way came to a happy ending!! We're always here for ya, darlin'!!

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Friday, May 21, 2004


One of our 'family' members, Liz, is in need of all of the positive thoughts and prayers we can give, so please say a little prayer for Liz and her family over the next few days! *HUGS LIZ!!!*

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Glad THIS Week Is Over!

This has been the week from HELL, I tell you. Starting out with the Monday from hell, and it just progressed from there. My regular compooper has been giving me fits ever since having that memory installed at Best Buy (more like Worst Joke). I finally received my replacement DSL modem, tried to install it on my older computer that I was using for go.

So, I plugged up the current computer, and was online for maybe 5 minutes....and yet another crash, or try 6 crashes in the span of a half hour. Back to the old computer, and suffering with the slow-ass dial up. Envious

My brother is supposed to come over sometime soon and do something to sounds like he's going to put an external hard drive on my current computer. He's always telling me to "Get that junk off your hard drive." Sometimes, I'm a slow learner in that respect. Rolly

Wednesday, work was a bear, because there were extra deposits that were for 5/7 to 5/12 that were dropped into what was discovered to be a broken safe at the hospital. Loomis Fargo had no way of retrieving the deposits out of that safe for several days, and they finally got everything counted on Tuesday. That was a bitch and a half to note each person's deposits individually on the worksheet. That increased the deposit for by about $50,000. Finally got done at about 1:30 after lunch.

I woke up at about 11:30 on Wednesday night, and heard Mom making sounds like she was in pain. I went into their bedroom, and she just wasn't making any sense. I could tell she was in pain....but I couldn't get her to say what it was. Turns out it was another arthritis flare-up in her back. I put some Flex-All on her back, and she finally calmed down after a few minutes, and drifted off to sleep.

Last night, she took one of the pain pills she had when she broke her wrist last year, and she was able to sleep. But I chuckled at her this morning when she got up....she didn't know I was behind her when she was going into her walk-in closet....she stood there for a minute, then she started doing this little jig! Like she had a dance partner in front of her. I told her about it later, and of course she denies that she did it. But I saw it, and had a good internal chuckle. Hysterical

So it's been an emotional rollercoaster around here to say the least....and that bitch Aunt Flo making her visit this morning isn't helping matters much! But I did buy the Van Halen "Right Here Right Now" live double CD yesterday for work listening. I already have it on cassette, but I wanted the CDs for work, and to start gearing myself up for the Van Halen concert here on August 14th....WOOHOO!!!!!

But, HAPPY FRIDAY to all of my friends out there......glad everyone made it back safe and sound from Vegas....sounds like a good time was had by all.

One last thing....there's a country remake of Def Leppard's monster hit "PHOTOGRAPH" out there....personally, I think it sucks, but be the judge for yourself: Malibu Storm. Click on the LISTEN link, then on PHOTOGRAPH.

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Thursday, May 20, 2004

'Nuff Said

Pulling My Hair Out

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004


The whole world must be on edge this week. One of the gals in our office broke her thumb about a week ago, and when I received the mail from the hospital, there was a card addressed to The Business Office.

I opened it, and there was a thank you card from the gal, thanking us for the flowers we sent her. Hmm

I don't remember anyone saying anything about collecting donations for flowers. So I took the card up to the front office, and said to the Administrative Assistant, and another co-worker, "We sent flowers to Trish?? Would have been nice to have been told." The Administ. Assist. looked at me and said, "Now, be nice." I said, "Well, it would have been nice to know so I could have donated something to the pot." She said that the department took care of it, so there didn't need to be donations. I said, "It's the principle of the would have been nice to have been informed.... we could have all signed a card."

I walked around the corner, and I heard her say in a sarcastic tone, "Damned if you do, damned if you don't." After I picked my jaw off the floor, I walked through the door closest to her and made the fighting cat growl as I left room.

Geez, Louise! Get a friggin' grip!

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Monday from HELL

Monday was a day to forget, let me tell you. It started out with some drama at home that I won't get into here, but it put me in a pissy mood.

Which followed with having a verbal confrontation of sorts with the Sr. Clerk at work over training for my desk. After this 'confrontation', she left my office, and I just broke down for a moment and let some tears flow....and then I got mad at myself for allowing her to have that effect on me.

Then, one of our IT guys came breezing through, and without even saying ANYTHING, he did this thing on all of the computers in our office which made them reboot themselves, and it also caused my main program in which I do my work to appear that it wasn't found on my system!! WTF???

After I got that straightened out, I tried to print my reports later that day....and the damn program froze on me! I ended the program, started it again...tried to print, FREEZE!!
You Suck

So, all in all, MONDAY SUCKED!!!

Here's hoping today is a better day....... !

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Monday, May 17, 2004

No, I *DON'T* Want To Train You!

I have to start training our Sr. Clerk on my desk duties, because I'm going to be on vacation for a week after Memorial Day. This person did this desk YEARS ago, and has been very vocal on how much she hates doing Batch. So how in the hell am I supposed to train someone with that type of a mindset? I did that once before a couple of years ago and came back to a fiasco.

This person I have to train will have NO CHOICE but to balance at the end of batching....otherwise she can't transmit....and that's where I think she'll freak out, because she wouldn't even look for overs or shorts when she had to fill in on deposit, which left ME to find where the error occurred.

Well, now SHE will have to search to find any errors she makes. Oh jolly *sarcasm intended*

I truly hope they have one of the other girls who is already trained on this desk to do my job while I'm on vacation. She's done it two or three times in the past year, and I'm more comfortable with her doing it.

Just more stress on top of the stress I'm already carrying....

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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Brother Visit

My brother and his wife came by this afternoon. It is SO GOOD to have him home again....FOR GOOD! He showed us a DVD that one of his soldiers had put together of their time in was awesome!

He told stories about his time over there, and it's obvious by listening that he felt he did a good deed. But it's SUCH A RELIEF to have him home!!

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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Chest Pains

Mom had an episode of chest pains in the middle of the night a couple of nights ago, and she had another episode this afternoon. Thankfully we had some nitroglycerin, so that helped. I begged her to go see the doctor on Monday, and I think she will finally go. She said herself that she needs a cardiologist. So please keep your fingers crossed and keep her in your prayers that she will go.

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Dial-Up SUCKS!!

My DSL modem crashed and burned at some point during the day yesterday while I was at work, so AOL is having to send me a replacement modem, and it won't be here for 3-5 days. So I'm having to resort back to dial-up, AND I had to pull out my previous computer on top of that! My current computer is acting crazy since I had that memory installed, so my brother will be fixing it when he gets home, so I'll be in and out, and slow with responses and updates until then.

SPEAKING OF brother is coming home TODAY!!!! He lands at the Fresno Airport at 7:30 this evening!! I doubt that we'll go out to greet him, because there will be so many people there, and it's hard for Mom to walk amongst crowds. But HE'S COMING HOME!!!

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Friday, May 14, 2004

"Talking Over Me"

One thing that absolutely irritates the living shit out of me, is when I'm trying to talk to someone, and another person just talks OVER me, to make their conversation. I was trying to say something to one of my co-workers this morning, and another co-worker butted right into our conversation. Not once, but TWICE!

Uh, you NOT hear me talking here???

No disrespect to any of my Aries' readers, but this does seem to be a predominant trait amongst the MANY Aries that we have working in our department. Every single one of them will talk over you when you are trying to speak, or make a point, thus I talk even louder just to make my point heard! Can I finish what I'm saying first before offering your two cents???

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No More Chatterbox

Sorry ladies, but Monique gave me a heads-up about all of the spyware that comes with the Chatterbox, and when I ran my Ad-Aware program, there were 44 new files of junk! So, everyone will just have to comment on the JTE photos in my comments! Thanks for the warning, Monique!!


Nothing special planned for the weekend....although my brother MIGHT get to finally come back to town over the weekend, or by the first part of next week....then it's ALL OVER!!! Thanks to all who have given me support, words of encouragement, and just good friendship during the past 10 months...I would have gone stir crazy without all of you!

Circle Of Hearts

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Thursday, May 13, 2004

What Genre Of Rock Are You?

Yes, another lovely quiz for those of us who aren't trudging around Vegas.

What Genre Of Rock Are You? I'd say this fits me pretty much....'cept for the mosh pit!

Heavy metal! You rock! It's mostly about the
music instead of lyrics for you...but you
channel most of the emotion through the lyrics!
Mosh pit for you! Just be careful you don't
give yourself a concussion with so much

What genre of rock are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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I just stopped for gas on the way in....$2.31/gallon for unleaded!!!! Sonofabitch! Good thing I don't drive very far!

Mom talked to my brother yesterday....he will probably be home by early next week! YAY!!! It's been a very long 10 months.... I wouldn't wish this on ANYONE!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

What 80's Toy Are You?

Another personality quiz to determine what 80's toy you are - and given my pet peeve about proper spelling, I'd say this fits me PERFECTLY! Sunshine:

speak and spell
You're a Speak & Spell!! You nerd, you. Just
because you were disguised as a toy doesn't
mean you weren't educational, you sneaky

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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If *I* Were In A Movie....

Found this fun little quiz on Julie H.'s blog, and I guess it must be a redhead thing, since we're both the same! LOL!!!

Fight Club!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

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Damn....have you ever just done a simple task like turning your head, and all of a sudden you feel this sharp pain? I got in my car to come to work this morning, simply turned my head to the left to find my seat belt, snapped it, turned my head to the left again, and OH MY GOD the pain. So what do I do? I pull out of the driveway, start driving and I keep turning my head to the left, thinking that'll untie the muscle...HA!!! What WAS I thinking? So when I got to the stoplight, I dug for a Motrin out of my purse. Good Lord it hurt!

And I just found out something that doesn't really surprise me....but it's an underhanded, sneaky thing to do regardless. There were a couple of 90-day temporary positions posted in our department, and internal bidding is one day. One of my co-workers applied for this one position, and she asked all of those who had more seniority than her if they were going to apply, myself included. I told her no, that I like what I'm doing. She asked the other more senior people if they were going to take it, and they gave rather non-definitive answers like "probably not". Well, my friend just called me and said that the girl who said "probably not" applied, and will probably accept the position. It's not surprising that this girl was sneaky like this....she's done this to another girl in our department when she applied for a position. I'm just shaking my head at the underhanded, sneaky crap that goes on in this office.

It's getting to the point to where we need something strapped to our head with a rear-view mirror attached so we can at least see the knife coming toward us before it goes into our back.

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What Are You Reading

Passed on from Julie's blog:

Take the nearest book. Open it on page 23. Find the fifth sentence. Post this sentence on your blog (together with these instructions):

They walked back to his car and he drove her home.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Have Fun In Vegas!

To all of the Divas heading to Vegas....HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!! I wish like crazy I could be there with everyone! But raise a toast (or two, or three) for me! At noon on Saturday, I'll be right there will everyone as the happy couple, April and Brian, unite as one!

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Monday, May 10, 2004

Hold Your Hat!

Holy crap....for those residing in the Central California area from the Grapevine to Sacto, HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS!! Damn it's windy out there! I felt my car drift a couple of times on the way in to work this morning. But, at least the air was cleaned out enough for a view of the Coast Range. It's a rare day anymore to be able to see the Coast Range mountains from where I am. They are about 50 miles from Fresno, so to see them in the southwest is a great sight, indeed!

Now for a vent:

It's getting harder and harder to live at home these days. Mom is ALWAYS angry about something. I can understand her fears about my brother (who should be back in the States as I write this...his wife called us last night to say he was in the air and should arrive back in the States by 5 am), but sometimes it seems like he is all Mom is living for. She sometimes says things like "I just want my boy home, so then I can go on". Not exactly the sort of thing I like to hear.

She also makes it sound like everyone is treating her like a child, thinking for her, telling her what to do, and so on. Being depressed about her health doesn't help matters much, which I completely understand, but it's depressing to me at the same time. She refuses to use the assistance of any type of aids except for a cane when we go somewhere. And the cane she's using is so was her mother's, and Grandma passed in 1984! So that tells you how old it is.... we keep trying to take her to "The Bone Store" to buy a new cane, but we never seem to get her out of the house to go.

Her feet have been swollen off and on this weekend, and because I said they looked swollen, she disagreed (at first), and said I was trying to scare her. Turns out she stopped taking her blood pressure med last week, in order to take Vioxx for her arthritis. *sigh* I told her she needs to see the doctor....she came back with "What doctor?? I don't have a dr. anymore." Those who have heard me talk about this before know what I'm talking about. Yet, she gets mad at me for telling her that her feet are swollen, and that I'm treating her like a child. Oh, so I'm not supposed to be concerned for your health, Mom?? *sigh* Then, not 5 minutes later she says she knew her feet were swollen. Um, WHAT??? If anyone ever wants to see the prototypical Gemini, look no further my mom......

This once vital, vibrant, life-loving woman is now a bitter, angry, depressed woman. And it's driving me insane to be around it all the time. But, I would feel like a complete ass if I moved out, so it's a Catch-22.

And with that.........I'd better do what I get paid to do....WORK!

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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Unannounced Guests

I realize this was Mothers Day today, but WHY do people arrive unannounced right when you're cleaning up the dinner dishes?

My ex-sister in law and her daughter decided to drive up here to see my mom .... they rang the doorbell at 4 pm.... just when we were getting ready to feed the dogs.

Uh, here's a see that cell phone that's attached to your pants belt? How about DIALING THE DIGITS to let us know you are stopping by!!!

That's just rude to stop by unannounced.

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Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to ALL of my friends who are moms! I hope this is a wonderful day of family, relaxation, and family!

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Saturday, May 08, 2004

This Is Hilarious!

I found this to be outrageously funny! If you aren't amused by 'fart' humor, then pass this one by.... but this left me in tears!

The Farting Preacher


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Happy Birthday

Happy, happy birthday to my friend, Liz, aka DizzyLizzy on the Lep forums! Hope this a wonderful day for you!!

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Friday, May 07, 2004

Chatterbox Installed

Per request from Julie, I have added a chatterbox in my sidebar, for comments on the 'JTE Wheel Of Fortune', or whatever you want to chatter about!

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Birthday Gifts

Happy birthday to my best friend, Kathy! I hope the day is a good one for ya!!!

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Thursday, May 06, 2004

New Link

I've added a new link in my "Check These Out" very dear friend Bruce is a photographer in the Oakland area, and some of his work is posted on his website, so please take a moment to check it out! Blue Dragon Photography

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Best Friends

They say that if you have one best friend in your life, consider yourself lucky.....well, I'm blessed, because my best friend, Kathy and I have been best friends since 1983, when we both worked at McDonalds. She was 18, I was 23. At first, we didn't hit it off, because well...number one, we're both redheads.... number two, I didn't think she was 'running' fast enough when we were working the drive-thru together. Not to mention her electric blue eyeshadow!
Oh Jeez

We both thought the other was a bitch at first....until we discovered our common love of Def Leppard! We formed an instant bond then, and it has lasted all these years, with three Lep concerts under our belts during that time.... the most recent being the FANTASTIC show in San Francisco on 12/14/02. We travelled with her hubby, Dean, from our hometown Fresno, through a horrendous rain storm just to see our boys perform. We picked up my friend Bruce in Oakland, and we all went to the show. I know Kathy and I had a smashing time!

Over the years, Kathy and I have attended many concerts, and Fresno State football games. We laugh, because our lives have been so busy for various reasons, that the only time we really see each other is for the football games. The rest of the year, we're lucky if we see each other once.....yet our friendship remains strong as ever.

Kathy and I had a good phone talk last night....thanks for the call, Kathy! You are my best friend, and even though we don't hang out like we should, you are never far from my thoughts, and you will be my best friend for life!


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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Keep The Egg Shells

I stopped by Micky D's on my way in to work, because I didn't get to finish my bowl of cereal this morning, so I was still hungry. I ordered the EggMcMuffin meal. When I got to work, I started eating my Eggamuffin, and was quite content, until I popped the last bite into my mouth......CRUNCH! Just the thing I want to eat in the morning....egg shell.

I promptly disposed of that bite into the trash can next to my desk, and swigged some OJ to wash out the remnants of the piece of egg shell. Bleh!

Now, I've worked the breakfast grill at McD's when I was employed there many moons's NOT THAT FRIGGIN' HARD TO SEE EGG SHELLS when you crack the egg into the egg ring! Geez!

And our weather yesterday was just plain hot. 100 degrees on Tuesday. And it's only's gonna be a hot sonofabitch this summer. Lovely...............

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Still Painful

Well, this morning was a painful morning for Mom.....her arthritis flare-up was really rearing its ugly head when she got up. She was in such pain in her shoulders, that she was crying while I put some rub on her back. She started saying things like "Sometimes I wish I could just leave it all, and go be with Nancy". Nancy is my late sister who was killed in a car wreck in 1961.

So then I started crying, and it was a rather emotional morning before I left for work. Added on top of this was that my dog, Max, wasn't moving around much this morning, and he was VERY grumpy (snappy). Hopefully he'll feel better when I get home from work.


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It's Supposed To Be Faster

I took my computer in to Best Buy to have them install some memory I had purchased there a couple of weeks computer has been running rather slow, and I am having trouble burning CD's all the way through. So I took it in last Saturday, dropped it off, ran some errands, came back and was told that I already had two sticks of the 256 memory. The technician told me that they didn't have any 512 sticks, but that Comp USA just a couple of stores down probably had some. So I returned the 256 stick I had purchased at Best Buy, went to Comp USA, bought a 512 stick (for the same price that I paid for the 256 at Best Buy) and brought the 512 back.

I waited for it to be installed and went on my merry way home. I plugged my computer back up, and dealt with an even SLOWER computer than before, and I dealt with periodic crashes throughout the remainder of Saturday.
You Suck

Now I remember why I hate Best Buy's computer repair center.

But, for a happier note, it looks like I'll have a new place to play soon! The SOL Forum is back online, and I am anxious to join. It was shut down 2 years ago, and I never had the opportunity to join before it closed. But it's back in your face, and hopefully registration will open soon! Can't wait to join my other Lep buds for the fun! Spinning

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Sunday, May 02, 2004

New Look whatcha think? I'll probably tweak the colors more sometime today....but I think this layout works MUCH better than the last one....more organized, and no worries about not seeing JTE's face anymore!



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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Another New Look Coming Soon

Yes....I'm changing my look AGAIN! Don't'll still get your weekly fill of a new JTE photo! This new skin I'm working on has a more organized look to it, and the JTE photo will be located before my most recent post. So no more words over JTE'S face!

Stay tuned.............

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