Sunday, February 29, 2004

Working on new travel pages

After seeing the great work Steph did with her Travels section on her website, I was inspired to add more pictures to my site this weekend. It's still a 'work in progress', as I didn't have enough time to really sit and work on it....but I do have a couple of pages done:

Lake Tahoe

New York City

I'll be finishing the rest of the pages as the week progresses.

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Unloaded MORE clothes

After I ironed a couple of shirts for work, I got into the closet in the computer room, and pulled out all of these jumpsuits I used to wear when going out WAYYYYYY back in the VERY early 80's. Jumpsuits used to be THE thing back then, and I had about 10 of them in varying styles. But it was SO depressing seeing how skinny I used to in the hell did I EVER fit into those things??? *sigh*

But, there's more room in my closet now, to rotate my winter stuff in once it starts staying warm.

I'm trying to add more travel pictures to my Home Page. I scanned some photos I hadn't scanned previously, and I tried to set up some pages last night, but I was SO tired after about an hour, that I just watched some TV, then went to bed. I sure can't stay up 'till midnight or 1 am like I used to! I really need to invent some sort of pillow to put on my computer desk....that thing hurts when your head comes crashing down like a bowling ball because you fell asleep!

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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Clothes everywhere

One thing that's a pain in the ass is cleaning out your closet. I've still got clothes in there from when I was still going to Fresno State back in 1982! It seems that every time I used to try to get rid of clothes that I *KNOW* I will never wear again, Mom comes through and says, "That's too nice to give away! You might wear that one day." Oh yeah, right I'm REALLY gonna wear this burnt orange polyester leisure suit again! I wore it once when our Senior Class in high school went down to Disneyland for Grad Night in 1977! I *HAD* to buy it because of the dress code being enforced at Grad Night...otherwise, you wouldn't have caught me dead in that thing! Saturday Night Fever left the building YEARS ago!

So, I'm going to go finish what I started, and TRY to get rid of some of these clothes that are about 20 years old....that is, as long as Mom doesn't come in while I'm sorting through them!

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Friday, February 27, 2004

So I spent some money on myself

I just went over to Tower Records, and bought 3 CD's (Tesla - The Best Of, The Millennium Collection; INXS Greatest Hits, and Fuel's Something Like Human), and the last copy of the Def Leppard PYRO-GRAPHIC DVD. Can't wait to get home to watch that!

Then came back and rolled back the sunroof while watching big, white puffy clouds float by. Very relaxing.

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It's Friday, it's payday

And I don't feel like doing a damn thing here at work. I'd rather be out running around in the sunshine, than sitting here in this window-less office. I will be doing lunch solo today, as my regular lunch partner and co-worker, Mary, is off today. So I think I'll run over to Tower Records at lunch, and see if they ever received the Def Leppard "Pyro-Graphic" DVD. I might buy a couple of new CD's while I'm at it. I'm anxiously awaiting the new Tesla CD, "Into The Now" coming out in March. From what I've heard thus far, it kicks!! But for now, I think I might pick up a CD by INXS, and maybe an older Telsa CD.

I received my tax refund check in the mail yesterday...a whole whopping $381.00. So do I be practical, and use it for my car payment? Or do I go out and splurge on something? My digital camera is only a year old (Olympus 4 MP), and I already have a flat panel monitor for my computer, although I'd like a 17", but they are still rather pricey. So maybe I'll just splurge at Tower today. Decisions, decisions!

The way I feel today, I need to buy something for myself! My jeans are rather tight, because of my 'monthly bill'....I feel like a bloated cow.... one of my co-workers is sitting here in the office, eating something that looks like Mexican food....AT 10 IN THE MORNING, no less, and the smell is making me hungry. She could have at least had the courtesy to eat in the lounge, instead of here in the office not more than 6 feet from me! There's still 2 hours before lunch!

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....Well, I upgraded my Geocities account from a 'Plus' account to a 'Pro' account, got my own domain name, and now I can't use my FTP! I rely on my FTP agent to upload, and rename my files for my 49ers website from WordPad, instead of through the file editor on my Geocities file manager. But now that I've upgraded, my FTP doesn't connect! I've change the settings as instructed on the help page, but it won't connect!!

Jules, Rhonda, Steph.....are you using FTP, and which one are you using? I've been using WS_FTP LE, but it won't work now! I have updates that need to be made, but can't do that yet! I also have an email in to my dear friend, Logan, who has helped me TREMENDOUSLY with his gracious redesign of my main page, to find out what he thinks is the problem.


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Thursday, February 26, 2004

McDonalds "Old" vs. "New"

I stopped by McD's on my way in to work to get something for breakfast, since I tossed my bowl of cereal down the drain, so I was hungry. As I was watching all of the crew members doing their morning routine, it got me to thinking back to when I worked at McD's back in the late 70's to mid 80's. I did 3 'tours' at McD's....I first started working there right out of high school in 1977. I didn't work many hours because I started going to Fresno City College. After a year, I found a job at a place that manufactured sprinklers and irrigation products. I was their front receptionist. I worked there for about a year, then decided to start attending Fresno State University. So, back to McD's for another year. Then I found a Student Assistant job in The School Of Health And Social Work at the University. Funding ran out for my position, so BACK to McD's I went because I could work around my class schedule.

As I waited for my food this morning, I realized that the kids working at McD today probably wouldn't have lasted 6 months had they worked back in the late 70's. We had to make all of the shakes by hand....we squirted the syrup into the cup, added the ice cream, and put the shake on the old-time spindle, and mixed the shake. Today, you just pull a handle and out comes your shake. Back then, during busy times, we actually had one person doing just shakes, and we would make a whole bunch, and stick them in a freezer-type holder to keep them cold for a period of time.

We used to have a person who stood up front and their function would be to call 'production.' This person would call back to the grill what was needed in the way of burgers. When we heard a 12/6 turn, that meant we were getting meant lay down 12 meat patties for regular burgers, and when those patties were turned, we layed patties down for 6 Big Macs. If you heard a '24/6 turn', then we knew we were getting slammed!

These days, meat is precooked, and held in warming bins, and burgers are more or less made to order, instead of having a bin with burgers already made. Which does kind of make sense, considering how much food we used to waste, and burgers only had a 10 minute holding time.

Kids today who work there have no idea how easy they have it now.... we worked our ASSES off back then! But you know what? I don't regret ONE MINUTE of working there.....people used to make fun of working there, but it taught me how to really work, plus I met my best friend working there, too! She was working there when I went back the third time, and we've been friends since 1983, when we both realized we LOVED Def Leppard! :-)

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A cereal that I absolutely loved 2 weeks ago, Cocoa Puffs, tasted like crap to me this morning. Ever since I had that stomach flu, or whatever the hell it was a couple of weeks ago, I find that I just can't stomach Cocoa Puffs anymore. I also used to like these snack chips, called New York Deli Bagel Chips (or something to that effect). It has a mixture of the rye rounds, pretzels, etc, but they are baked, and fat free. Now, I can't even eat them. That damn stomach flu really turned my stomach against things I love.

One astrological sign that I KNOW that I will run FAR away from as far as potential mates is a Gemini. My mom is a Gemini, and for the most part, we have a strong, wonderful relationship. BUT, it's like having 2 people in one body! One minute all is calm, the next minute all hell breaks loose, then it's calm again. One day the way I do something is fine, the next day it's the wrong way to do it, the next day it's fine again....oy vey!!!! If I discover that someone I might want to date is a Gemini, I'm running FAST for the door!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

A new picture on Wunderground

I uploaded a new picture to spectacular, but I liked how it came out....a picture of a flower in our backyard this past weekend after a rainstorm. The flower took a pelting, but I like the way the water droplets show through on the picture.

We also received some bad news about one of my uncles (my dad's brother-in-law) in Arizona. He's been battling pancreatic cancer for almost 2 yrs., and he was hospitalized earlier this week because of vomiting. He's been receiving chemo treatments, but evidently the tumor has grown, and is pressing on the opening to the upper intestine. My aunt sent an email to all of the family that they were told that nothing else could be they have decided to let nature take its course. I haven't seen my aunt or uncle in many years, but if my Aunt Jan, Uncle Art, or my cousins Nick, Corrine or Cassie read this, know that we LOVE YOU, and we are praying for you.

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Does Anyone REALLY Know....

....what time it is?? The clocks in this office drive me f-ing NUTS!!! The clock on the wall right now says 8 am straight up....the clock in the computer says 7:58 am...the clock on the phone says 7:55 am, and the time according to the Time Lady is 7:59 exactly!!! And the clock in the front office says 7:50! SO WHAT F-ING TIME IS IT????

And we're supposed to go to a new 'timecard' system in the very near future, which entails clocking in and out on a specially designated phone....HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW IF WE'RE EARLY OR LATE, if every single clock in this place says something different????? Sheesh!!!

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Animal Cruelty

One of our local TV stations captured some rather graphic footage last week of 4 South Valley MORONS letting their dogs attack a wild pig out in the boonies during a night hunting excursion. One of the MORONS is seen slitting the throat of the pig, while their dogs attack, and begin eating the pig. The blurb about the ordeal is as follows from the KSEE 24 website:

A fourth South Valley man is headed to jail for charges relating to animal cruelty. The other three men involved were sentenced last week, ordered to serve six months in jail. The men were sentenced for taking part in at least one night of illegal hunting. KSEE 24 obtained the graphic video which shows the men letting their dogs loose to tear apart wild animals at night.
At one point, one of the men is seen stabbing and slitting the throat of a wild pig as the dogs tear the pig apart. Killing a pig with a knife is illegal, along with killing an animal at night. 31-year-old Curtis Lumsden, 27-year-old Jason Rader, and 26-year-old Jeremy Knauer all pleaded no contest last week to charges related to animal cruelty.
The fourth man, Alan Omara, was sentenced to four months in jail. All four men were originally charged with felonies. The charges were knocked down to misdemeanors. The men will report to the Tulare County Jail in April.

What the HELL got into the minds of these MORONS?? I'm glad they are getting to spend time in a jail cell, although I don't think the punishment is strong enough. I'd like to see how THEY would feel if it were them on the end of their dogs' attack!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The 'Employee Of The Month' is a little ticked

I'm named "Employee Of the Month", and I end up getting a little ticked about something. There is a report that has to be included with my Transmittal Report each day, otherwise the report is considered 'incomplete' by RABS (Revenue And Banking Services). This report shows who in the Business Office opened, and closed a cash register to intake payments on accounts. It gives the dollar amount as well.

You would think that I, the Batch Clerk, would have the access and ability to run this little two-page report, right? WRONG!! I have to have our Senior Clerk run the report FOR me, because I have not been given access to this report by management. WHY, I have no idea. It's not like I'm this dangerous weapon! I should have access to run this report, but a member of our management team doesn't want to relinquish control...she claims she doesn't want 'everyone to have access.' WTF??? I'm only 1/15th of the Business Office...I'd hardly consider giving me access as giving access to EVERYONE. What am I supposed to do when the Sr. Clerk, or the Assist. Mananger is gone for a week? Hold my reports like a little child until The Holder Of The Sacred Report returns?

They want more positive morale amongst the does the lack of providing of the proper tools to complete ones' job promote positive morale?? It just PISSES ME OFF!

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Nice suprise this morning

We had a staff meeting this morning, and at the end of the meeting, the employee of the month was named, and it shocked the shit out of me to hear my name called! It was a real nice surprise!

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Some cool weather pictures

I have this fascination with weather pictures. I love looking at pictures of the different types of weather in other places in the US, and around the world. I have always loved stormy, turbulent weather....I guess I must take after my maternal grandmother....she loved storms, too. I'm one of those people who refuse to heed the warnings of the weather folks on TV, when they say to 'stay away from windows during the storm.' Hell, I'm like a Garfield doll, with my nose stuck right up to the window, watching nature's fury! I'm one of thse silly people who will probably be struck by lightning, because I just have to go outside to watch. It's my secret ambition to be a storm chaser. That looks SO COOL!

But when the weather here is normal, I'll go to They give you the ability to sign up to post your own weather pictures, or just pictures of beautiful scenery, flowers, your pets, etc. If you click on the search link in the WunderPhotos Links box, and type in my handle FOURT9RKIM, you can see the photos I've taken....there only about 5 or 6 there, but there's this REALLY COOL one of a cloud that I saw from our hotel window in Reno a few years ago!

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Monday, February 23, 2004

Just Another Manic Monday

Mondays are always a pain in the ass....I have at least 150 document envelopes that I have to open from Friday, Saturday and Sunday. These envelopes contain all of the bankcards that I need to enter into the Registration Reconciliation screen, and the bankcards from the various pharmacies...those are just filed away, I don't do anything with those. But SO MUCH PAPER that I have to shuffle!

Other than that, it was an unenventful day....except when the office phoney-baloney came into our quadrant for some reason. I used to be really good friends with this gal, but I knew she was as phoney as a $3.00 bill the first day she came to work for our office. But, eventually we became good friends, or so I thought. I've realized over the past few months that she wasn't really a friend....she just wants to be friends when it will serve her agenda. So, I've gradually stopped associating with her, because I don't need 'friends' who aren't real. Anyway, she came in with her phoney attitude, and I wanted to hurl right on the spot. She didn't say a word to me....she didn't even peek around the partition wall, which was fine with me. Why can't people be true, and real? They must have a very empty life if they feel the need to play people against each other, and feed off chaos, yet feel threatened when the finger points in their direction. My working life is SO much happier now that I have distanced myself from this person.

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Self Check-Out Registers

I had heard about the concept of Self CheckOut Registers awhile back, but had never come across one.....until today. Others have praised the SCOT's, so when I saw one today at the Clovis Wally World, I thought, "Hey, I'm computer literate, I've worked with electronic cash registers before during my McDonald's career, so how hard can it be?" I only had two items, so it really went pretty smooth. Mom and Dad had their cart in the next line over, so after my successful experience of ringing myself up, my ego pumped, I asked if they wanted me to ring their stuff up. Mom was hesitant, but finally relented.

So, I started to run their stuff through, but my ego came crashing down when the machine started saying things like:
"The item weight doesn't match the item scanned."
"Please remove unscanned item from bag."
"Please do not remove bags until all items have settled in the bag."

WTF????? Whaddya mean 'remove unscanned item from bag?' I just f-ing scanned that item, and you acknowledged you're gonna tell me it's an 'unscanned item?" How the hell do you know that the 'weight doesn't match item scanned?' BITE ME!!!!!

I started saying to the machine rather loudly, "OH SHUT UP!" I came SO close to using the "F" word, but thought better of it since Mom and Dad were right there. Several times it locked up to where one of the associates had to come unlock it so I could continue. She said the machines were rather touchy....NO FRIGGIN' KIDDING!!!!

FINALLY, we got our items scanned through, and dad ran his American Express through, and off we went....cursing the whole way out to the car. Mom said she heard another couple talking about using the SCOT....the woman said, "I think I'll try that," and her husband said, "Over my dead body!"

And people were just simply pushy today, both at Wally World, and at Costco. Maybe because of the rain? If people hate going out in the rain, then WHY DO YOU DO IT??? Both places were PACKED, and it was raining pretty good. You'd think people would stay home on days like this, but NOOOOOO, we gotta go shoppin'!!!

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Changed the look...again

Ok....I changed up the look here again.....still not sure if I'm satisfied with it. My favorite color is blue, but several blogs out there are already 'bluesy', and I don't like looking like everyone else...LOL! One thing I can't seem to figure out in the template section is how to get a color background strip in the title of each post....if anyone can tell me where to find this little code in the template, I'd CERTAINLY appreciate it!

Other than's a rainy Sunday here....but trips to Wally World, and Costco are in the cards, so no lounging around today.

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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Has anyone ever.....

.....been bored one day, and took a look at some of the 'singles' sites that are out there?? OK, I'll admit....I put an ad up, just for giggles to see what sort of responses I would get. Oh, many men put their age as 40 to 45, but when you see their picture.........I would LOVE to say, "Dude, if you're 40, I'm the friggin' Queen Of England."

I seem to be a huge hit to men in Egypt and India. (insert puking smilie here). I also seem to be quite a smash to men in their late 50's to mid 60's. I even went so far as to say in my ad: "To all of you 55 year old and older men who keep viewing my profile, YOU WON'T FIND A VIAGRA TEST SUBJECT HERE!! MOVE ALONG!!!"


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Need to get creative

I need to get some creative juices flowing, because I need to add a dog to the website I made for Mom's dog business. We took in a new female about a month ago from one of my mom's breeder friends. This female is the grandaughter to one of our males and females, Chaz and Sissy. Mom's friend is getting pretty involved in horses, and racing, so she asked us to take this dog, with a promise of a puppy back.

Chu-Chu is just the sweetest little girl....she seems to have adopted me as her favorite person. Her tails goes crazy when she sees me come home from work. Just need to crop some pictures I took, and make a page for her....guess that will be my project for this evening.....

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Home Shopping Network

I'm flipping through the channels this morning, and stopped on the Home Shopping Network....I see this hairstylist promoting his products called SAMY. What made me stop was the 'magic' he was performing on three older ladies who were his 'models.' The product was called "Icing Duo". The cost was $27.50 plus S&H. It looked like a mousse-type of product that he was lightly spraying over the model's flat hair, then running his fingers through their hair, and have a hairdo in seconds! Yeah, right....for one thing, they all had short hair, and the hair had obviously been cut perfectly to fall into the right places when he finger-styled after applying the products. What about the women like me who have longer hair, and who don't visit the beautician ever? I used to watch my former beautician, Erika, cut my hair and I pretty much learned how to cut my own bangs, but they certainly aren't 'perfect. How do women like me get that 'just walked out of the salon' look with his products??

I'll pass.....believe me, I got sucked into the Home Shopping Network vortex many years ago, and wasted hard earned dollars on products that promised they would do this or I'll keep my $27.50.....unless they show a cubic zirconia ring that I just can't resist........

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Friday, February 20, 2004

Some people have to buy new shoes....

....I have to buy at least two new purses every few months, it seems. I bought a new purse over the weekend....maybe I should call it a small suitcase! I just can't hang with the smaller purses out there. Maybe if I learned to carry less crap in my purse..............

My dad said mom and I will always find a way to put everything except the kitchen sink into our purses....the day he sees water dripping from our purses, he will know we figured out a way to get the kitchen sink in there. (insert roll eyes smilie here)

I don't like shoes, so I don't have 500 pairs in my closet like some of my friends do. But I do have at least 30 purses hanging in my closet...some have only been used once or twice, and I decided I didn't like them so well after all. But do I get rid of them? NOOOOOO....I might decide to try them again one of these days!

My purse can be considered a lethal weapon, considering how much it weighs with all of my if I could just lift it to whack whoever attacks me upside the head..............

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

I can breathe again!

I finally got caught up at I can breathe a little easier! I only have a certain timeframe in which to enter the data into our registration system to reconcile. Now, I am current, and that is wonderful! Take one day off and you fall behind 3 days! Go figure........

And with to relax a little.......this weekend, I really need to change the look of this page up a little....too cluttered.

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Want to make your own license plate?

Ever wanted to make your own license plate? Well now you can....sort of. The Acme License Plate Maker site lets you make those personalized plates you've always wanted, on any state plate....pretty cool!

I've got to get caught up I've got my work cut out for me. Had I taken the whole week off, my desk would be in shambles!

I know it sounds like my car is turning into a lemon...but it's really not. The only money I've had to put out is a grand total of $287.00, because I took out the Extended Service Agreement when I bought the car. Otherwise, I'd be out close to $1000 right now after only six months. My previous car, a 1987 Mercury Cougar XR7, was the definition of a lemon! I can't even list all of the repairs I had to have done, and because I bought the car from a private party, that was money out of my pocket. I *HATED* that car! But, it got me here and there for 6 years, so I'm grateful for that. But I love my new car, so I'm not really upset about the repair I had done....but I *AM* upset at FLM for selling the car in the condition it's turned out to be in. NEVER buy a car from FRESNO LINCOLN MERCURY!!!

Until later...........

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Car is fixed!

My car was ready to pick up right at 4 when I got off work...and OMG!!!! It's much quieter!!! So much for Fresno Lincoln Mercury's '152 point inspection' before the car was put on their lot. Let's see....a dead battery the day after I got it, a motor goes out on the passenger window, ANOTHER dead battery, and a broken part on the supercharger.....uh huh, that's a REAL impressive inspection....NOT!

And with that...I'm too pooped to blog any further.... until tomorrow.........

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Just singin' in the rain

Well, ok, maybe not singin'....but I was sure walkin'! I dropped my car off at Pontiac at 7 am, and hoofed it back to the a light rain, and a rather stiff breeze. Their shuttle doesn't start running until shift starts at 7:30, so I just thought of my walk as getting my felt like it was a mile, but probably more like a half mile back. I needed the exercise, anyway.

I'm hoping they'll finish by noon, so I can pick it up at lunch, but I think that's probably wishful thinking.

And with that, I see that I once again have a ton of work waiting for me. I thought someone was covering my desk yesterday, but from the looks of it....evidently not. *sigh*

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Cars part II

Well, it's a damn good thing I got my car in when I did....another 2K miles, and it would have ended up costing me over 3K! David said that there was a little part broken in the supercharger, and it won't be delivered until tomorrow, and it is under warranty up to 70,000 miles....after that, it would be $3,000....and I have 68,000 miles on my car! YIKES! Plus there are bearings going out on some sort of pulley somewhere else.....but it is covered under my Service Agreement, so all I'll have to pay is my deductible. I'm *SO* glad I took out that Service Agreement!

So I have to take the car back up to Pontiac by 7 am, walk to work, and pick it up after work at 4 tomorrow. The car gods are sure watching over me with this one!

Back to work Wed. after 4 hectic days off, if you want to call it that. The only day that was enjoyable was Sunday up at Table Mountain.

The Blossom Trail will be opening probably by the end of the month, judging by the amount of almond blossoms that are popping out on the trees this week. The Blossom Trail is an annual event each February/March here in the Fresno area. We have an abundance of orchards here in the area, and by late Feb. they are almost all in full bloom. I've lived here all of my life, and have yet to take in the beauty of the Blossom Trail myself....I may need to change that in the very near future. Spring is a beautiful time here in the Central Valley!

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Well, I got the oil changed, but left my car at the service area because they said there was a noise coming from the engine from two possible service advisor, David, said that they didn't really dig deeper because it was only in for an oil change, but that I should have it checked out soon.....I decided to let them do whatever they needed to do, because I had been noticing a noise while sitting at stop lights....I just brushed it off to having a supercharged engine.

He just called a little bit ago, and said there was something to do with the supercharger, and a serpentine belt somewhere, but that they didn't have the part for the supercharger until tomorrow. He's supposed to be calling back to let me know if that is going to be covered under California Emissions, or something. But everything is covered by my Extended Service agreement, so I told him I'd probably drop my car off in the morning on my way to work, since it's just a short distance to where I work from the dealership.

Cars......can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

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Car day

This will be a short entry....I have to have my car at the Pontiac service area at 9 am. My dad got the new Die-Hard battery in yesterday, and my car started right up....maybe even better than it was starting previously. Hopefully they won't run into anything while doing the general inspection of the car.

With into the cloudy, windy day...........

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Monday, February 16, 2004

Older men..........eewww!!

What is it with attracting older men like flies??? I get emails from men old enough to be my father rather frequently, and it PISSES ME OFF! For the record, I am 44, have been told that I don't look 44, and I certainly don't act 44. I am single, but I'm perfectly happy with that. I *DO NOT* find older men attractive in general. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part, older men just repulse me. But, I seem to attract them like bees to honey (better analogy, Bruce? *wink*). I guess all of this Viagra that's being taken is making older men hornier than a male dog after a bitch in heat. (insert roll eyes smilie here).

Enough about that is Presidents Day, and I have the day off, so I'm going to go enjoy it.

Till my next rant...LOL!

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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Gambling, it was!

Today was supposed to be a leisurely drive 20 minutes up the road to the foothills where the closest Indian gaming establishment is located, Table Mountain Casino, for a little gambling. The day started out on the wrong foot, though.....I went to start my car to go to my bank to get an extra $100.00, and all I hear is a 'click', and nothing! My damned battery was dead! This is the second time this has happened since I've owned my car, which is only 6 months! My dad tried to jump start with his car, but that piece of junk couldn't jump start a we called Triple A, and a tow truck was at our house in less than 15 minutes......jumped my car so I could at least move it out of the driveway to get the Cadillac out of the garage. So tomorrow I have to go get a new battery......I blame this on the dealership where I got the car....Fresno Lincoln Mercury.....they had to replace the battery a day after I got this car, because it was dead, and they put a piece of junk battery in as replacement. I'm getting a Die-Hard Gold tomorrow. And when I take my car to the Pontiac dealership for my oil change on Tuesday, I'll mention that two batteries have had to be replaced in a little over 6 months.

So off to Table Mountain we was a nice day....the foothills are a lush green this time of year, so it was an enjoyable ride. Some of the blossoms are starting to come out, too. I played a few machines, and had a little luck, but once I got credits built up, a cold cycle hit and my credits dwindled down to nothing. We went to eat lunch at about 1, and after I finished eating, I went out to play a little more. I found a nickel machine that was VERY nice to me...and damn it, I can't remember the name!!!! It was patterned after a popular TV game show back in the late 60's....damn it!! Oh well.... I ended up going to the bonus round a couple of times, and cashed out 1900 credits, so that put almost $100.00 back into my pocket. I had another $31.00 ticket from another machine in my pocket, so I only lost about $40.00. All in all, it was an enjoyable trip.

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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Beautiful weather today was freakin' BEAUTIFUL outside today....felt like about 65....sunshine with a few stray clouds mixed in.....NICE!! I had to run up to the mall for a few minutes, and I ran into my former roller skating coach, Barbara Bennett....I run into her occassionally in's always good to see her! We caught up with what's happening, and had a good visit. I started skating under her back in 1979. I really loved the coach I was with at the time, Debbie Carlson....but there were rumors of the rink we were in (Carousel) being sold, so alot of us moved over to Roller Towne in Clovis. I hated to leave Debbie, because she was an awesome teacher.....but the club was dwindling down to nothing. I skated for Barbara for a couple of years, then I started taking lessons from her daughter, Cindy Bennett....Cindy was my coach when I won the 1981 United States Southwest Pacific Intermediate Ladies Figures event at Regionals.....we got to go to Fort Worth, Texas for the Nationals.....but my nerves got the best of me, and I placed 12th.

Barbara started competing again a few years ago, which I think is AWESOME....she told me today she's going to be 68 in a few days, and you sure wouldn't know it! Skating does a body good! I would get back into it myself, but my spare time is nill, and skating takes many hours of dedication. I can honestly say that my skating years were the BEST of my life.

Hopefully, a trip to Table Mountain is in the cards for Sunday morning......I'm ready for some gambling!

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Friday, February 13, 2004

Yep, it was busy today

As I suspected, I was quite the busy bee today.... so many bankcards to enter, so damned many reports to break down, and assemble....but, the day went like lightning. Mary and I went to Target at lunch, got a couple of things, then we went to Wendys and had the Chicken Strips meal....I only ate the chicken strips...I threw my fries away. My stomach still isn't quite ready for a full meal yet. But hey, maybe I'll drop a couple of pounds in the process!

So it's the weekend..... hope everyone has a good one!

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~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ THAT was good!

I was still feeling hungry when I left for work, since I only ate a few bites of cereal, so I stopped by McDonald's close to work, got an Egg McMuffin, hash brown and OJ....MAN that was good! That's the first real food I've had in two days. And nothing ever tasted better! Ahhhhhh.........

Now let's hope it stays with me!

I had three messages from a gal in the ER from yesterday to void out some registrations......I have a TON of work ahead of me I'd better get at it..........

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Feeling MUCH better

Feeling MUCH better today, although I still couldn't eat much cereal this morning, Maybe I'll stop for a Starbucks. Hopefully I can eat something for's not good for someone with hypoglycemia to NOT eat...and it's been since noon on Wed. since I've had much of anything to eat. So hopefully today.........

It'll be nice to have a 4 day weekend....hopefully we'll get up to Table Mountain at some point and do so gambling....we haven't been since Labor Day week, and I'm ready for it! Tuesday I have to take my car in to the Pontiac dealership for an oil change, and general inspection. Hopefully they won't find something wrong....but I have the extended service agreement so if anything major does need repair, all I have is a $100.00 deductible.

Other than that........have a good weekend!

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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Stayed home after all

Well, I ended up staying home after all....I just didn't think I could sit there at my desk all day, with my frequent trips to the bathroom.....and I'm glad I didn't go. What the hell.....I *NEVER* call in sick....I've just been taking it easy all day, but this blasted headache is driving me crazy.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better.............

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Feeling better...somewhat

I feel somewhat better this morning....I woke up at about 10:30 last night, and I was drenched in sweat. I was sweating again when I got up this morning. Eating that Krispy Kreme wasn't such a good idea after sat there like a lump in my stomach, and started the diarrhea again. But, I ate a few bites of Special K this morning. I think the lunch choice today will just be a milkshake from Sonic....just looking at food makes me want to hurl right now.

I listened to the "Sunburn" CD by Fuel last night while sitting in a hot bath....I like it...although it does lean more toward the alternative sound, which I am not a fan of....but overall, I do like it. I also bought Natual Selection, so I'll be listening to that one later today.

Till next time........

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Home sick

I came home sick this afternoon.....and you know that I must being feeling like shit when I do that! I couldn't stay out of the bathroom long enough to really get work done......had major must be making the of my friends at work had it Monday, and she went home sick at noon. But, I came home, took an Immodium and Alka-Seltzer, laid down for about a half hour, and the diarrhea has pretty much stopped....that Immodium works WONDERS!!!

I couldn't even eat lunch....I ate about 4 Chicken McNuggets, and maybe a couple of fries, and threw it away. Went over to Tower Records and got a couple of CDs by the band Fuel.....I'm really getting into them lately.....of course, not as much as Lep, but they run a close second.

I see some Krispy Kremes in the frig....I may have to have one pretty soon, since I've hardly eaten today. I HATE GETTING SICK! Now my perfect attendence will be ruined for the year at work. Damn it! But, considering I have over 1100 hours of sick time on the books, I figured it was better than sitting there at work suffering.

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.....does our country, or more specifically our government, call all of these troops to duty, yet they can't seem to get them to their frickin' destination??? My brother is STILL stuck in Germany!!! He left from his 2 week R & R to return to his base in Afghanistan on Feb. 3, spent that night in Baltimore, flew out on Wed. to Germany, and has been there ever since!!! Something about needing a certain amount of people in order to fly to Afghanistan....I don't know...we're just going by what he tells his wife, and she relays the info. to Mom. There are alot of soldiers there trying to get to their destinations, but they are at a hotel in TENTS!!!! At least put them up in a frigging room so they can get a damn shower!!! This really burns me....our government expects our men and women to put their lives on the line, while they sit in their cushy offices in the White House, and they can't even provide adequate transportation for these soldiers!!! I will be SO glad when Bumbling Dubya is shown the door!

And Chippy the sea lion was found to have a bullet IN HIS HEAD, when examined by a vet yesterday, but it doesn't appear to be life threatening. I'd LOVE to put a gun to the head of the sicko who shot Chippy, and say, "Here...tell me how THIS feels!! ASSHOLE!" I detest anyone who finds pleasure in injuring animals in any way....all the way from the clubbing of baby seals, down to throwing an innocent dog from cars into oncoming traffic. I detest hunting animals for any reason.....deer, birds, etc. I was so disgusted when my uncle had my dad come out to his house to help cut up one of his cows.... yes, I know that they provide food for our tables, but seeing it made me so angry. And seeing a dead deer strapped to the hood of a truck on Interstate 80 on our way back from Reno made me skin crawl.

And with THOSE rants out of the way.....better get to work......

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

"Chippy" the sea lion

Forgot to post about "Chippy" the sea lion, that was found about 70 miles inland from the coast on Monday....apparently this sea lion made his way from the Bay Area, to a remote road in Los Banos, which is about an hour from Fresno. The California Highway Patrol was called to the scene, and the sea lion jumped onto the trunk of a CHP car, and sunned himself for about 2 hours, while awaiting the arrival of workers from the Marine Mammal Rescue Center in Moss Landing to retrieve the sea lion, which was given the nickname "Chippy" because of his attraction to the CHP car. How he got there is somewhat of a mystery, but it was SO CUTE to see him on the news, just lounging on the CHP car!

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Some excitement up the street

Well, it seems that there is some 'excitement' up the street from our office. Some dumbass is holed up inside a sporting goods store a few blocks from here.....there were Fresno PD cars blocking the street at Blackstone and Bullard, preventing cars from turning north onto Blackstone, which didn't affect me, because I turn south onto Blackstone. Evidently, this dumbass must have tried to break in to the Herb Bauer Sporting Goods sometime between 3 and 4 this morning.....there was a shooting, possible fatality, but this guy is still inside supposedly. Some people are just too stupid to live.

****An update to this story****

The fatality in this burglery attempt was the burgler....sounds like this guy was stealing guns from the store.

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Monday, February 09, 2004


.......just because you can now read my blog *cough BRUCE*, doesn't mean you are exempt from emailing me during the work day! I see you posting on the Rumor.Check board, yet you neglect your dear friends....*sniff* >;-)

Anyway, for the rest of my was such nice weather during lunch, that I rolled the sunroof back, and sat in my car, reading my book that I've been trying to finish for at least 5 months now! Supposed to hit 70 by the weekend! I'll be savouring it now, because it won't be long before we can fry eggs on the sidewalk....bleh!

Sonic burgers are great, but they could put some ketchup on them to jazz them up up bit....just mayo, lettuce, onions, pickles and the meat aren't quite flavorful enough. This coming from someone who HATES tomatoes, but will put ketchup on just about anything.

Until tomorrow.......or whenever something relevant comes up......

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Sunday, February 08, 2004

BEAUTIFUL weekend!

Man, the weather this weekend was absolutely wonderful!!! The sun was out, just a slight chill in the air, but the temps still got up to about 60.....I see that 65 is being forecast for the end of the work week....woohoo!! To all my buds who live in the frigid temps of the midwest and east....MOVE TO CALIFORNIA!!!!

Finally gave mom her perm today....looks pretty good if I must say so myself!

For all the dog lovers, please be sure to watch the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Monday and Tuesday evenings on the USA Network. For those who don't know, the Westminster show, which is held each February in Madison Square Garden in New York City, is considered "The Super Bowl" among dog shows. Each dog competing must already be a champion. Of course, we favor the Toy Group, and last year the winner was CH. YAKEE LEAVING ME BREATHLESS AT FRANSHAW, aka Les. Les is a BEAUTIFUL specimen of our favored breed, the Pekingese. So if you love dogs as much as we do, be sure to tune in!!

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Saturday, February 07, 2004

So-so shopping

I should have known before I left that the sale at Penneys would be most of their winter/holiday wear. I tried on some pants, but they were all either too small, or too big. Grrr! So I walked down the mall to Lerners, looked around, came back, and looked at other stuff at some pants for work which are usually $39.00, for $19.00. So I got two black pair, and a chocolate brown pair, and 2 sweaters....all for $86.00....the receipt said, "You saved $81.00." COOL! Can't beat that with a stick!

I had a very cool conversation with a gal working at Penneys. I had worn one of my Def Leppard concert shirts one day last summer, and she started talking to me about Lep. I told her that they were going to be at the Concord Pavillion on Oct. 2. Turns out I couldn't go, but today she saw me (again, with my long sleeved "X" tour shirt on), and told me she went, and had an AWESOME time!!! She talked about the show, and I got goosebumps just listening to her talk about it! This gal is probably in her early 50's, and she said if I ever hear of them coming back out to California, to let her know! I remember this gal from the days when my friends and I hung out at the Black Angus wayyyyyyyy back in the early 80's. She was there every time we went.

And now........time to vacuum....oh joy.

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Another Saturday....I was planning on giving my mom a perm, but since I'm going to have a 4-day weekend next weekend (President's Day for those of us in the US), we're waiting till then, and we'll probably head up to Table Mountain (our local Indian casino 20 minutes from our house) on Sunday or Monday for some gambling!

So, today I think I'll hit JC Penneys and see what they are having on sale for 75% off....LOVE those kind of sales!

I had a really nice compliment from my boss, Kathy, on Thursday....I had given her the quarterly deposit report for the last quarter of 2003, and for our main facility the numbers were rather large...something like 2.5 million or maybe 3 mill...can't remember offhand.....she asked if I was holding up ok, because other Business Offices in the Region have a batch clerk (my job) AND a deposit cashier entering data, for every million brought in.....and I'm handling close to 3.5 million by myself....she said, "You're awesome....I talk about you when I go to Region, and the other manangers can't believe it....their batch clerks are having such a hard time. I truly appreciate all of your hard work, and wish others in the department had the same work ethic." That made me feel GREAT! I don't understand why others are having so much trouble....IT'S NOT THAT HARD!!!!

My sister-in-law just brother is still in Germany....I guess they have to have a certain amount of people in order to fly to Afghanistan...or something along those lines. But it's better that he's safe in Germany, than Afghanistan. Maybe tomorrow he'll be flying out.

With that.........Time to SHOP!!!

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Friday, February 06, 2004

Who's bitching, Mark???

The resident 'arrogant Dutch bastard' in the world of Def Leppard, who also happens to be their webmaster, says in his blog that everyone seems to be 'bitching' lately.

Ok's this for a non-bitching entry:

It was a beautiful morning on the way in to could see the sun reflecting off the bottom of the wispy clouds right before sunrise, and the Sierras stood proudly and majestically to welcome the sun! I just polished off my Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha, and I'm READY for the days' work!


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Huh??? it just MY computer, or does anyone else have a website hosted by Geocities, and you are getting THIS message when you try to view your site: You have been directed to this page because there are errors with your Marketscore configurations and settings. Marketscore members, please go to the Members section at and configure your browser. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at WTF????? I don't even know who in the HELL Marketscore is!!!!! When I tried to log into my file manager, I got a message to 'try back later.' Wonder if Yahoo got hit by a worm or virus?? Or, could this be something to do with running Ad-Aware last night? It did find close to 90 pieces of spyware, so I deleted those out.

It's "Starbucks Friday"....although I did get one yesterday....and proceeded to spend several times in the bathroom with the runs......sometimes their blended drinks bother me that way....I don't know what I might be allergic to, or what doesn't agree with my intestines.......

Hopefully my brother is back safely in Afghanistan....he called his wife yesterday and said he was leaving Germany for the last leg of his trip back. COME ON MAY!!!

Have a good Friday!

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Wednesday, February 04, 2004


Why am I the 'lucky' one to have to occupy space with two people who seem to find pleasure in 'sniffling', as in practically sucking their brains down into their lungs, ALL FRIGGIN' DAY LONG???? Take an antihistamine or blow your nose! BLEH!!!!

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Don't people have anything better to do with their time than to send out mass quantities of spam mail?? I think I'd faint if I received an email from someone I actually know!!! Like I care about Paris Hilton's sex tapes, or receiving a prescription for Viagra, or nudie shots of Twitney, or how to enhance my male anatomy (last time I checked, I don't even possess anything resembling 'male anatomy'). And I sure as hell don't need anything to enlarge my boobs.....I have more than enough, thank you. Thankfully, AOL *FINALLY* came up with a spam filter that I can personalize with keywords that will send those pieces of spam straight to my spam folder. So it's not unusual to see more than 25 spams in my spam folder when I log on.

Do these people earn a commission on how many emails they send? GET A FREAKIN' LIFE!!!

And with to work.

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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

The REAL 'Shock And Awe'

One of my fellow Lep mates, Lady Strange, brings up some excellent points of view regarding the shock and outrage over the whole Janet/Justin halftime incident. The Real Boob Exposed

The public, the FCC, network television, etc. are up in arms over the exposure of Janet's right breast at the end of the halftime show during the Super Bowl on Sunday, but what about the REST of the performers?? I was especially appalled at the slimeball, Kid Rock, cutting a hole in the center of the American Flag, and using it as a poncho during his performance (if you want to call it a performance....more like orchestrated noise to me). If this is your way of showing your patriotism, failed miserably in the eyes of those with loved ones serving overseas. You are no better than those who burn our flag in those countries. Go crawl back under your Rock, please.

And what about the bevy of scantilly clad females during the rest of the performances? Turn on the channel that mascarades as MTV, and this is all you will see, when you DO see a video.........women wearing next to nothing, shaking their thing around rappers, and hip-hop artists who promote the degradation of women by showing them as nothing more than a sex object. And people wonder why their kids are so screwed up these days? Look no further than your TV, and you'll find the answer.

We have become a society transfixed to 'reality' shows, which couldn't be further from true reality. Reality is our men and women who are risking, and losing their lives in the Middle East; reality is families living on the street because they have lost their jobs; reality is children who go hungry in this country. Shows like "Survivor", "The Real World", "The Newlyweds", etc. are nothing more than fluff pieces to gain ratings. I'll admit, I do watch The Real World - I have watched since the first episode, and The Newlyweds - mainly to see what Jessica will say or do to further confirm her lack of intelligence. Why do I watch? Mainly to laugh at the stupidity of those on these shows. You can't turn on the TV anymore without seeing these so-called reality shows, but they couldn't be further from the REAL reality.

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Rest In Peace, Paul

As I was browsing the AOL 49er message forum, I saw a posting that a fellow football fan that I had come to know (even though he was a Rams fan) had passed away from injuries due to a motorcycle accident 3 weeks ago. Paul (AOL screen name EternalRamnation) was always very kind to me, and offered words of encouragement when I was putting together my 49er website. He often got under the skin of other posters on my message forum, especially Baronomous (oh the verbal sparring matches they had), but I always liked Paul, because of his kindness and words of encouragement.

May you rest in peace, Paul..... you will be missed, my friend.

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Rainy Tuesday

My brother flies out back to Afghanistan this morning.....please say a little prayer for him that he arrives safe and sound. It's been good to have him home, and we only have a couple of months left before he's home for good.

We got a pretty good rainstorm yesterday.... but that means more snow in the mountains...more water for the Valley for the drought this year!

A slow day on the blog today.....

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Monday, February 02, 2004

Black Monday

Super Bowl XXXVIII is now in the books, with the Patriots winning 32-29 with :04 seconds left on an Adam Vinatieri field goal. So the Monday following the Super Bowl is referred to as "Black Monday" by footall enthusiasts. Sure, the Pro Bowl is next Sunday, but who cares?

I changed the template of my blog yesterday....I was so sick of the green....I like this look better.

Yesterday was the last time seeing my brother until May....he flies out tomorrow morning to head back to Afgahnistan to finish out his tour. Sounds like May is a go.... thank God. It will be so good to have him home FOR GOOD then. I could give my opinions on the man parading as our President, but I won't. The day he is out of office will be a joyful one, that's for sure.

We took in a new dog a week of my mom's breeder friends bought one of our males a couple of years ago, and he is the sire to this new dog. My mom's friend is involved in horse racing, so she wanted Mom to take the dog, and possibly breed her for a puppy in return. She's a sweet little dog, named Chu-Chu. We have her grandparents, Sissy, and Chaz, and yesterday during dinner, we got proof of Chu's lineage. Sissy always belches, quite loudly, after she eats, and after eating her plate, Chu gave TWO rather loud belches, casting any doubt as to who she is related to!! I thought I was going to choke, because I was in mid-swallow of my dinner when Chu belted out the second belch....I laughed so hard, tears were rolling down my face!

Almost time to get ready for work........have a good one, whoever you may be!

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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl should be a legal National holiday!

I washed my car yesterday, and thought I was going to freeze my hands off! Granted, the weather in California isn't as brutal as some of the other areas of the country are experiencing at the moment, but let me tell you...IT WAS COLD!! Thankfully, the clouds that had been hanging around all morning broke free just before I went outside, and it was a crisp, sunny afternoon....but damn that water was like ice! But, I wanted to wash my car because my brother will be over today, hopefully, and it will be the first time he will have seen my car since I got it last August. He was in Wisconsin, at Fort McCoy at that time, getting prepared for deployment, so he has only seen pictures of my car.

Other than that.....I can't wait to see the batch of new commercials during the Super Bowl. And, I'll be rooting for the Panthers, since they have a Fresno native on their team....Ricky Manning Jr. HAVE A GOOD GAME!!!

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