Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm Still Here....

....Still dodging bullets daily...but I'm still standing.

I have pictures I've wanted to post, but I'm too drained by the end of the evening to crop/resize them....more cool sunsets and birds. I'll try to get them posted this week.

I had to put out $813 on my car yesterday....the rear right passenger window motor burned out, and they found that the serpentine belt was cracked. Why does the motor on a window I NEVER USE burn out, and the motor on the sunroof, and driver window keep on ticking? I guess it's like a battery? If you don't start the car at least once a day it dies? So I guess I'll roll down those windows I don't use once a day, just to keep the motors running?

Calgon, take me away.............PLEASE!!!

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Friday, January 26, 2007

I Wish I Had The Strength....

I wish I had the strength in me to NOT let what she says to me, affect me. I know that it isn't "her" doing the's that damn Imposter. Why couldn't The Imposter have been a nice one? Why did we have to get stuck with this mean bitch of an Imposter?

I came home from work today, and she had 'that look' on her face. That stone cold look. I told her that I will have to take my car in Tuesday to have something fixed, and she just shrugged her shoulders and said, "That's life." I walked away, rolling my eyes. I opened my bedroom door to find 3 articles of HER clothing on my bed! A cardigan and two turtlenecks...I DON'T WEAR TURTLENECKS!!! But, instead of putting them back into her dresser, I put them on top of a pile I seem to be accumulating of clothes she is casting off as mine. One day, I am going to pile all of them into a bag and take them to Goodwill...SOMEONE will want them since she seems to not!

Then she started in about dad stealing one of her credit cards. She got a statement from one of her credit cards, and she thinks dad stole the card. SHE'S HIDDEN THE CARD SOMEWHERE, and I can't find where!!!! So I had to listen to her bitch about dad stealing her card, and my not defending her to him makes me a bitch in her eyes. She says that she is 'leaving in a couple of days and you will never see me again.' Yeah, right...where is she going to go?

I need to call her doc and tell him that she DESPERATELY needs some mental help, or something to calm her ass down, and stop these delusions!

As if that wasn't enough, after her shower, she started sifting through family pictures that have been in the drawer by her rocking chair FOR YEARS. I'm sitting on the floor, trying to feed Boo her plate, since she was LOCKED UP IN THE BEDROOM WITH MOM while she took her shower! She found a picture of her dad, and asked me who had that picture developed 'while I was gone?' I said, I don't know. She got pissy with me, saying that it was a freshly developed picture (????) and someone had no right going through her personal private property! I said no one has developed any pictures! I went back to feeding Boo, and the bitch reached over and slapped me on the head with that picture and said, "YOU LITTLE BITCH...YOU'RE GETTING MORE AND MORE LIKE YOUR BASTARD FATHER EVERY DAY!" I said, just to play into her fantasy world, that she brought the picture here. She looked at me and said, "WHERE WAS I??" I said I DON'T KNOW! She said that I don't know's a wonder I can hold down my job.

Any and all attempts of conversation turn into her talking trash, and then having the audacity to say that *I* started the argument, and don't you know that if my doctor could walk in here right now, you would be fired! Uh, how can I be fired from a job I don't have??!! She thinks she was 'placed here' by her cardiologist! No, if her doctor could walk in, he'd see how desperately in need of help she is. He'd probably lock her up for awhile!

Great...another f*cked up weekend.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Never A Dull Moment!

It's never a dull moment whenever Kathy and I get together for lunch or for a dinner before heading to a football game, or concert. We had lunch today at Chilis....we always order the Chicken Crispers platter. We got our food, and before Kathy even took a bite....a chicken strip goes flying off her plate and the table...LOL! A few minutes later, she went to take a bite of her corn-on-the-cob...and it fell into her dish of ranch dressing!!! The stick holding the corn had broken off...PLOP goes the corn!

I needed that laugh today! Never a dull moment around us!

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Stop The World, I Wanna Get Off!

How much more must a person endure before they go completely bonkers? They say God never gives you more than you can handle....I guess God must think I'm one hell of a strong person, because I keep getting shit thrown at me every day now.

Mom's reverting back into that vicious, cruel bitch mood - constantly insulting, always seems to be worse when she uses her cane instead of the walker. Sounds crazy, I know. But for some reason, when she has that cane in her hand, I think it gives her some sense of empowerment, because she has something she can swing at you with. This morning, she was degrading me, and told me to get out of her room, since I don't 'help her' (what does she expect me to do? Brush her dentures and wipe her ass? Sorry, I don't do ass wiping). She said she doesn't know how I hold down my job because I'm stupid...I always say "I don't know" when she asks me a question about how an object got to where it was...when what I really want to say is, "BECAUSE YOU PUT IT THERE!!!"

She came into my computer room on her way into the front room, hit the back of my computer chair with her cane and said some insulting remark, then threw a couple of washclothes that she had used at me. I swear...I hate the bitch that is inside her.

She takes all of her clothes out of her dresser every single day, making a mess of her bedroom, all the while accusing ME of doing it....I'M AT WORK!!!! HOW CAN I DO THAT AT WORK?? Dad said he asked her yesterday why she does this every day?? She said she has to, because I mess her clothes up every morning before I go to work!!!!

ENOUGH!!! I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!!! I want to get off this horrific ride NOW!!!

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Just A Bird

Just a couple of pictures of a bird sitting on a tree stump...couldn't resist!

I'm guessing this is a mourning dove?

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Another Pretty Sunset

Yes...another beautiful sunset this evening...with a couple of pictures of birds flying north:

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

So Much For That Calm Period

F*CK!!! If I have to come home and hear about her F*CKING CLOTHES another day, I am going to blow my brains out! She accused me this evening of sewing on her clothes with black thread...on her old bras (which, according to her are brand new - she just went and bought a whole bunch the other day....yeah, ok..whatever). SHE sewed extensions onto her old bras herself! Her bras were too tight a couple of years ago, so she sewed extensions onto them....but NOOOOOOO....she NEVER does ANYTHING like that to her clothes!

She also said, ONCE AGAIN, that I need to take my clothes out of her dresser. When I told her that I don't have any clothes in there, she went off into outer space, acting like a f*cking two year old, calling me a bitch again. I left her alone, and she closed her bedroom door.

Later she summoned me into her room and she had ALL of the clothes pulled out of the dresser for the umpteenth time. She asked me to again take my clothes out....I told her again that I didn't have any clothes in there. She was also having to take some nitroglycerin for chest pains....HELLO!!!!! When I tried to help her, she got violently angry and told me to get away from her....and that if anything happened to her, I would have hell to pay.

I took Boo into the front room so she could FINALLY eat her dinner plate, and came to my computer room. This was not more than 10 minutes after telling me to get away from her. She ordered me to come help her put the clothes away, and said, "I'm working, while you sit on your fat ass, getting fatter...that's all you do is sit on your ass." GEEZUS!!!! I'm so f*cking pissed off right now I can't see straight!

And she says that *I* am going to have alot to answer for when I face God??? HA!!! JEEZ, I wish I drank right about now!

And here's the topper...I tried to 'apologize' just to smooth things over, and she said that "I need to look into seeing a doctor to help me with things." I said, "What, I'm crazy?" She said YES! That *I* need help! Then she said that she had 2 doctors who would put me in a cage if they had the chance. OMG!!!!! She's f*cking looney tonight!

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yeah, I Know....

.....I haven't posted since last week. Nothing really to talk about...same shit, different day. Although, Mom has been relatively calm, except for Monday. Woke up in a pissy mood, but she said *I* was the one going around with my nose up in the air all day. WTF??? *sigh* But she was ok this morning, and when I got home from work...for once. But she STILL has to rearrange her dresser every said she did it 3 times today!

But's a couple of pics of sunrise/sunsets and a bird...LOL! At least it's not one of those blackbirds that occupy the yard!

Sunrise, on Jan. 13th:

Cute bird:

Sunset tonight:

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

We Need More Comedians Like This

Man, I loved Foster Brooks....if you don't know who he is, check out the videos below. He was a complete CRACK-UP....I wish he was still around to make us laugh....we need more comedians like him these days:

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Keep On Runnin Vid

Another Journey video from my camera: Keep On Runnin'

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Just ONE Night... PLEASE

I swear..... if I ever came home from work and received a pleasant word from my mother, I think I'd pee my pants. Every night, I come home to some sort of verbal battle from her.... and of course, *I* am the guilty party who starts the verbal bashing. *roll eyes*

Tonight, she asked me for the millionth time which clothes are mine that are in her dresser. I told her AGAIN that none of the clothes in there are mine....they are ALL HERS. She never believes anything I say anymore, and because I told her that none of the clothes are mine, that translated into me 'drawing the line in the sand, and declaring us enemies.' WHAT THE F*CK???? She said, "I've only been here for 3 months, and the whole time you have been trying to get me out of here." Again, WTF????

I maintained my composure until I brought Devil Dog in from outside...then I went into my bathroom and started crying. She came by to go take her shower, and ridiculed me for being so sensitive for something that happened an hour ago. It wasn't an hour ago....try 15 MINUTES ago!

She has gone from being a sensitive, caring, loving mother to one cold hearted witch. This Imposter is someone that I DON'T LIKE, and I wish it would leave and let my mother come back through.

She's also been bawling for the past few nights after her shower, because she says that she 'tries to call Mama, and she never comes to me.' Then she starts bawling about how all of her people are gone. I try to comfort her, but all she can do is snap at me that I will be in her shoes one day.

I swear..... I could be a damned good alcoholic right now....

I'm almost dreading taking her to Penneys tomorrow morning to get her hair permed at their salon. She'll probably think that I am taking her back 'down to the river.' *sigh*

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I was snapping pictures of the full moon this morning, and a bird flew through just as I took this....shocked the hell out of me to even get a semi-decent shot!

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Monday, January 01, 2007


Well, the idjits weren't too bad around here last night...except for the doorknobs who live catty-corner across the street from us....they got out there 10 minutes AFTER midnight to shoot off their damn fireworks. GRRRRR!!! But everything else was off in the distance. So I was only outside keeping the dogs calm until 12:15.

We had a foggy start to the day:

And a fiery end to the day:

Hope everyone had a good holiday....and I'm DAMN GLAD to be going back to work tomorrow!

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