Friday, June 29, 2007

Mom Is Home

Mom was discharged today; she did have a small heart attack, along with slight heart muscle damage. We finally received a diagnosis of dementia from the attending physician at the hospital. I really liked him. He's a younger doctor, and I'm going to see if he is accepting new patients. He at first thought that she was combative at night just from being in the hospital, but we told him she gets worse at night at home. So he prescribed Seroquel to help her at night.

My cousin tried to stay with mom last night, but mom became too combative, plus she looked so much like my cousin's mother (Mom and her mom were sisters), so my cousin was taken back to her mother being in the hospital and dying a few years back. The hospital thankfully has a sitter that will come in and sit with patients, so I told my cousin if she needed to leave, to use the sitter. Dad and I just had to get some rest!

She's one tough cookie, I'll tell you! She's not going down without a fight. I knew when she started calling me a bitch again that she was getting better. LOL

It's been a scary time, and I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the prayers and helped!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Prayers needed

We need your prayers. My dear mother is in the hospital with congestive heart failure tonight. We had to call the paramedics at 5 am this morning...she couldn't hardly breathe. She was very combative in the ER treatment room evidently. The ER doc said she pulled her IV tube out twice...and tore the skin on her hand! But she was admitted this afternoon. Dad is staying with her tonight.

They have kept her pretty much sedated most of the day, because she tries to take the oxygen mask off, and tries to get out of bed! She's one tough cookie.

I've already texted many of you. So please spread the word for prayers. I will text those who I have cell numbers for tomorrow or post another blog here or on MySpace with updates.

Thank you all!

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Random New Pictures

Just some random shots from the last few days....Michael...what kind of spider is this?

The sunrise this morning:

And if you have a Starbucks near you, and you like have GOT to try a Raspberry Creme Frap....OMG, they are so good! Even Pinky likes it...along with Rat Bitch, of course!

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

THANK GOD Tomorrow Is Monday

Yes...I am SOOOOO thankful when Monday comes back around. I LOVE GOING TO sure beats the hell out of staying in this psycho den.

I'm utterly exhausted tonight. It's been a very trying 3-4 days. Mom is now seeing people, and thinks they are here to take her dog Boo. She even kept Boo in her bedroom Thursday night...with the door closed. She refused to let me put her in her usual sleeping place because she thought we were trying to take her away from her. She tried again Friday night, and she did take her for awhile...until she woke me up at about 9:15 *yes, I was in bed on a Friday night that early...SANITY*. She woke me up saying there was a dog on her bed. No shit, Sherlock. I said, that is Boo. And she couldn't understand for the life of her why she brought her back to her room. So I was able to put Boo back in her usual sleeping place.

Saturday...she said that there were bad people in the house Friday and they wanted her dog. She was truly terrified. I had to play along and say that I told them to get the hell out and never come back. She's been obsessing on it all weekend, though.

Today, she accused me of 'messing around with her husband.' Actually she accused me of that Thursday night, too. I told her that I was INSULTED that she thought that of me. She got pissed and started calling me a little bitch. My oldest brother showed up right in the middle of her antics, so he FINALLY got to see her in her 'prime.' He was shocked at her actions. Now she's disappointed in him because he told her he couldn't take her home with him because she wouldn't like where he lives in Arizona.

But of course, I am the one who has been treating HER ever hear her say that she is wrong is IMPOSSIBLE. She is also obsessing again about 'going home.' HOME WHERE??? She thinks we still live in our old house, and that is home.

I have such a headache, and I am so emotionally drained right now. The Paxil is sure taking its sweet time in kicking in...if it even will. It might be making her worse with these delusions of seeing people who aren't there, and she now thinks we have stairs in our house.


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Monday, June 04, 2007

On This Date, 2 Years Ago

Two years ago, on this very date...Kathy and I were watching these guys from the front row:

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Grasshopper On A Rose

I caught this little guy hanging around on one of the roses in the front yard Wednesday evening:

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