Saturday, July 31, 2004

Union Jack Beanies

I was at the mall for a bit this morning, and when I went into the Hallmark store to check for any new Beanie Babies, I found this!

They were plentiful, so it seems that these are easier to find than those damn beer cans!
Rolly 2

So happy hunting!

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Friday, July 30, 2004

I Hate Shoes

I really do hate shoes. If I had my choice, I'd go barefoot everywhere I go. Why am I telling you this? I bought a pair of sandals from Skechers yesterday during my lunch hour. They were black with some little sparklies on them. They are cute, and I did get a 30% discount because I work close by. But when I got back to the office and wore them for the afternoon, they became not so 'cute'.

Number one, I can't stand having something in between my big toe and the next toe. It's just uncomfortable as hell.

Number two, they're just too cumbersome. Too 'clunky'. I feel clumsy walking in them.

Number three, they 'squish' when I walk down the linoleum hall at the office. Kind of like your shoes sound when it's a rainy day.

Number four, they are just uncomfortable. They felt pretty good in the store when I tried them why start killing my feet once I've purchased them?? *sigh*

So, they are going back to the store today....I don't need the agitation.

My co-worker friend Mary was with me, and she's always making fun of my current shoes, which are COMFORTABLE! They're Easy Spirit sandal-type shoes, and just because the fabric inside the sandal is scrunching up, and making them look like Okie shoes, I LIKE THEM!!! I wear one pair of shoes until they are practically thread-bare.

Shoes and underwear are highly overrated. ;-)

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Own What You Say

Why is it that people feel the need to hide behind the veil of a screen name in order to say what they feel they need to say? If you feel that strongly about what you are saying, and you believe in what you are saying, THEN PUT YOUR FRIGGIN' NAME ON IT!

Case in point: Jezebel claims that she is neither friend nor foe of those being brought to task by Val, and others who have encountered said opponents in both the online and real world, but to read Jezebel's comments in her blog, it certainly speaks otherwise.

If you feel so confident in your convictions, Jez...PUT YOUR DAMN NAME OUT THERE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE DOES! To hide behind your mask of Jezebel, your words mean nothing. It means you don't have the balls to stand up and take ownership of what you say. In other words, your statements mean about as much as Anonymous comments....which isn't much. They are just words spinning in the wind.

My name is Kim and I OWN THESE COMMENTS.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I Knew These Were Good For Somethin'!

One of the many advantages to having an ample have a place to rest office supplies when carrying them back to your office. LOL

Just thought I'd share that silly thought.......

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Heat....JUST GO AWAY!!

Yep...another 100+ degree day Tuesday...but hey, it was ONLY 103. Quite the Arctic blast from the 106 we had on Monday...LOL. But that's to be expected when you live in this hellhole called the Central Valley. Where you get the lovely aroma of cow crap and pesticides in the morning as you make your way past the FSU campus on your morning drive. MMMMM...take a deep breath, won't you? LOL

Only 2 and a half weeks until Van Halen hits town! WOOHOO!!!

And why is it that when a guy who shows interest in me, asks for my phone number, I get all panicked? I've ALWAYS done that...I don't know why! Maybe because it involves the phone, which I HATE? Or maybe I'm just a big chicken (at least I'm not a Subservient Chicken...LOL! Honestly...can you see ME being subservient?? NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS!!! Go get your own damn beer!) But seriously....I just turn into a bundle of nerves when someone asks for my number. Wish I knew why I do that.....

And I'm hoping that the houseguests on Big Brother 5 will vote that babbling Holly out of the house....her whiny voice irritates the shit out of me, and her high-pitched laugh is even more annoying!

Ah, well....better get to work...catch ya later!

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Monday, July 26, 2004

It May Be Carpal Tunnel

Mom called me at work and told me what the girl who did the testing said it may be. Her doctor was in surgery today, but his assistant did her testing, and told mom she probably has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is sending pain all the way from her left wrist up to her shoulders.

Mom said she WASN'T going to have surgery, even though the girl told her it is about a 4 minute surgery. Mom only has Medicare, and her eye visits are more important to her, so she's saving her Medicare for those visits.

But the girl said she'd show the findings to the doctor, and call her tomorrow to talk to her more about what to do.

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Monday Monday

Yes, friends....another weekend filled with pain. I sure hope Mom finds out something at the doctor this morning. The Celebrex made her nauseated, the Vioxx sure isn't helping, and she tried the Bextra yesterday, and it didn't even touch the pain. So I don't know if this is in fact arthritis. We'll see what the Orthopedist says today.

And about todays' picture....what WAS going through JTE's mind as he posed for this picture?? Is that a cucumber in your pocket, Joe? Or are you just DAMN glad to see us?? LOL

And with that....I must begin my work day....and in case I haven't mentioned it before....I HATE SUMMERTIME!!!

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Friday, July 23, 2004

It's The Weekend, And It's Hot

Well, the weekend has arrived, and it's too damned hot to do anything. I hate summer, I really do. But I did add another CD to my collection today. I bought the new Van Halen Best Of Both Worlds double-CD. I'm keeping it at work to listen to during the work day. And 3 weeks from Saturday, I'll be rockin' out at the Van Halen show on August 14th!!

It appears that the West Nile Virus has finally made its way out West. There are some confirmed cases of West Nile here in California, and there were some mosquitos that have tested positive for the virus here in Fresno. YIKES! The local news showed someone from the Mosquito Abatement team taking samples of larvae from a field not far from our house...maybe a mile away. They were also spraying a small puddle of standing water. I can remember when I was a little girl, every summer this yellow prop plane would fly over our house spraying for mosquitos. We had a canal right behind our back fence at our old house, so this plane would fly low, and spray around the canal.

From what I've been reading, it appears that dogs and cats have a very low infection rate from the WNV. We don't have standing water around the back yard, only small plastic tubs for their drinking water, and that of course is changed a couple of times a day. I guess I'd better get some mosquito repellant this weekend.

And with that....have a good weekend, everyone!

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Thursday, July 22, 2004


Even though I know he doesn't know that I have a blog, I still want to wish my brother, Jimmy a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! This is the brother that served 10 months in Afghanistan from August of last year, until May of this year. JOB WELL DONE!

Don't tell anyone, but he's turning the big 60 today....SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JIMMY!! I LOVE YOU!!!

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Well, So Much For Sleep

Well, that was a rather sleepless night. I got up at about 12:45 am to go to the restroom, and had just gotten back into bed, when I hear what sounds like a VERY loud radio or police radio outside. The dogs started going nuts until it passed by.

We all got up to look out the windows in the dining room and kitchen, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Dad went outside on the back patio to quiet the dogs down, and said he saw a police helicopter circling around down at Fresno State. We're about a mile north behind the back end of the campus. The whole city is a little on edge during the night, because we're having a rash of 'hot prowls'...the unknown prowler enters homes through unlocked windows, doors, and ransacks homes while the occupants are asleep.

Turns out that there was some 25 year old guy in some apartments just south of campus, reportedly shooting a gun off inside the apartment he shared with his wife. She must have called police when her husband went outside and starting firing rounds into the air. The news this morning said he then got into a car, rammed a couple of cop cars, and started shooting at them. They fired rounds at the car, and now the world has one less idjit to contend with. They said "Alcohol may have played a factor." No shit, Sherlock!

Dumbass. Thanks for screwing with my sleep, asshole.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Damn Eye Twitch!

My left eye...or more exactly, the area under my left eye...has been twitching periodically during the day for the past week...and it's driving me FRICKIN' INSANE! If it's caused by stress, then I can believe it, given what's been going on during the past week. GRRRRRR!!!!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

It May NOT Be Arthritis?

Well, Mom went to her Ortho appt. today.  She called me at work and told me bits and pieces...she was so tired she couldn't remember it all.  When I got home she filled me in a little more.  The doctor took alot of X-rays of her back, and of her hip (he did her hip replacement back in 1998).  The hip looks good, but her back doesn't look so good.  I don't really know what that meant, but he wants her to come back for some nerve testing next Monday, and possibly send her to a neurologist.   He said something about possible pinched nerves.  He wanted to refer her to a neurologist a couple of years ago, after she had healed from a broken wrist.  She started losing her balance alot, and mentioned that to him.  But, she never went because she didn't want to have an MRI done because of her claustrophobia.  Well, now she might have no choice if she wants to get rid of the pain, if this isn't arthritis.

But he gave her a variety of samples of meds to try out to see if any helped with the pain.  So, we'll see what happens.  

And I want to send out BIG HUGS to my buddy, Janis.   My thoughts are with you, my friend.  And the inbox is always open if you need it.

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If You Were Insanely Rich....

What would you do with your money if you were insanely rich?  If money were no object, what would you do with it?
Hmmmmm....I think I would:
1)  Buy Mom and Dad a house on a hill overlooking the city of Reno, Nevada; with plenty of room for our dogs...housing for them with central air and heat for those cold Reno winters.
2)  Buy myself a house on the next hill over, with the same view of Reno
3)  Give money to family members who needed it most
4)  Buy Mom all of the pain medication she needed for her arthritis
5)  Buy Mom and Dad a new Cadillac, myself a new Pontiac Grand Prix (I'm not a 'big truck' person)
6)  Invest part of the money into something profitable
7)  Donate a portion of the money for arthritis, diabetes and glaucoma research
8)  Get my best friend a new job....LOL!
9)  Save money for the next Lep tour....ROAD TRIP!!
And through it all, I'd still want to work....I can't NOT work.  I get too bored at home!
So what would YOU do with your money?

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Monday, July 19, 2004


Mom just called me here at work, and she got an appt. with her orthopedist for Tuesday at 9:30!  So hopefully he can give her SOMETHING for this excrutiating pain she's been experiencing.
I know everyone must get tired of hearing me talk about this, but if nothing else just writing it down helps ME feel get it out instead of bottling it up inside.  But thank you everyone for being there, and listening, and offering thoughts, prayers and advice.  :-)
It's Monday....and Mondays suck for me at work, so I'd better get back to it!

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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Stressful Weekend

It's been a stressful weekend, without a doubt.  Mom is still suffering terribly from her arthritis, so the whole weekend has been spent rubbing assorted analgesics on her back every 15 minutes, it seemed.
I was able to get out for a couple of hours Saturday morning to go to the mall to get Mom some more Estee Lauder cream (and yes, she STILL thinks someone is using all of her cream....Mom, maybe if you only put one dollup on, instead of 3 or 4 each time, it might last longer)!   I did find some simple tops for work at one of the department extra 60% off the red-lined price.  WOOHOO!!
My brother came over for about an hour this morning.  It's still hard to believe he's actually here, instead of Afghanistan.  This past year has been so hard, and we're just SO thankful that he's home!
So with that.....have a lovely evening everyone!

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Saturday, July 17, 2004


THANK YOU, RHONDA for the Lep boot!!!  Man, what I would have given to be at that show!  Sounds like everyone had a great time!
   Bow Down Before You

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Friday, July 16, 2004

A Very Special Birthday

There's a very special birthday today.... Tracey's daughter, Amanda is turning 5 today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMANDA!!!! Here's hoping you get lots of cake and ice cream!!

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A "Neighbor" Blog!

We have a new member joining the ranks of the Lep Induced Blogs!  Please welcome Jessica and her Babbling Blog  to the family!  Jessica is also a 'neighbor' of sorts to me....we live about 40 miles apart in Central California, so WELCOME neighbor!!!


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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Thank you everyone!

Thank you EVERYONE for the Happy Birthday wishes!!!  It really made my day!!!  Still no package, Rhonda...maybe tomorrow? your card, and THANK YOU for the Starbucks card!!  It's funny how we've graduated from Wherehouse gift certificates to Starbucks gift cards...LOL!!!
Three of my co-workers took me to lunch today....Diciccio's for some comfort food (I always need comfort food when Aunt Flo is visiting).  I had the beef raviolis with Alfredo sauce...YUMMY!!  Good food and laughter!
I picked my car up after work, but I'll have to go back tomorrow to pay....for whatever reason, the insurance company won't pay for 24 hours, so my Service Advisor, David (NICE GUY!!) said he's normally not supposed to let the car go without payment, but he said "I know where you work" with a mischevious grin.  LOL!  So I thought that was really nice of him.
Mom is still in a ton of pain....our doctor simply refuses to give her anything stronger than Vioxx.  Why do seniors have to suffer like this?  Why not just give them the pain medication, and LET THEM ENJOY the time they have left, whatever that may be???  I just don't understand.
But, anyway....thank you everyone once again for all of the wonderful birthday greetings!  It really made my day!!! 

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New Blogger Has Joined The Ranks

Yes, folks....we have another new blogger in the Lep Induced Blogs! This time it's Val, and her BlondRedhead Rules. Stop by and see what she's got to say! Welcome, Val!!

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

As If It Weren't Bad Enough.......

1) I'm being accused of being an "Anonymous" commenter on a blog, which is further proof supporting the fact that the word ASSUme has "ASS" and "U" as the first 4 letters of the're only making an ASS out of "U" by assuming your anonymous poster is me. If I have something to say to someone on their blog, I WILL sign my name. So quit naming me as your Anonymous poster.

2) Aunt Flo - as much as I tried to bolt the door shut, that witch came busting through this morning.

3) I got to work and discovered that the rear drivers' side door window won't roll up all the way. Jolly, another burnt out window motor. Thank goodness I have the Service Agreement. Otherwise, $$$$$$$$ would be flying out of my account. So, I'll drop it off on my way to work tomorrow.

4) All this as an early birthday present. Jolly......

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Man Oh Man

I can now reveal the identity of 'my friend''s my best friend Kathy. After reading her email she sent last night....SHE IS GETTING SCREWED! But she said truly appreciates all of the input everyone gave yesterday.

Her boss has evidently fed HR a bunch of crap about her, so the manager doesn't even acknowlege Kathy. She couldn't call someone else from HR to be with her in the meeting, because only the manager is allowed in these types of meetings.

I think it's so wrong for her boss to be going behind her back, talking to other managers about her. This woman is nuts....she berates Kathy one minute, the next minute it's "Let's go up to the casino", or "Let's go to lunch!"

Bottom line, Kathy has to walk a thin line now, which adds even more pressure to the situation. I wish she could find another job, and she does too. I don't know how often she'll be reading this, but I'll pass along any comments that are left for her. Thanks again to everyone for their support!!! *HUGS*

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Update On Friend

Well, my friend had her meeting today....she was called in at about 9 am or so...she emailed me as she was being called in. She didn't have a chance to find a third party to be present.

I heard back from her about 2 hrs. later, saying her boss had WRITTEN HER UP, it had been ok'd by HR, and her boss had been asking other managers and people in HR what their thoughts were about my friend SINCE FEBRUARY. Can you frigging believe that??????

She hasn't had a chance to tell me more as of yet. If she wishes to reveal her identity in my comments, that's entirely up to her. But she did tell me to say THANK YOU to everyone who offered their input. I would LOVE to give this boss of hers a piece of my mind.
You Suck

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Monday, July 12, 2004

Advice For A Friend

I need everyones' advice for my friend by Tuesday morning, if possible. Until she gives the ok to mention her name, she'll just be 'my friend.'

My friend has been having ALOT of trouble with her boss for the past year. Sub-par performance reviews, constant nit-picking, calling her while my friend is ON VACATION, verbally berating her in front of her co-worker.

My friend emailed me today, saying she had to stay home from work because her child was sick with the stomach flu. She called her boss Sunday night to inform her, said her boss got a pissy tone in her voice. Today, while my friend was home with her daughter, her boss called her no less than 10 times with questions about how to finish her work, since it was their fiscal year-end.

She said her boss laid into her on one of the last calls, saying her work was unacceptable, and they will be having 'a long talk' on Tuesday when she returns to work.

Her family has told her to have a Human Resources representative present during this meeting Tuesday; but her husband says no, not to blow it out of proportion. I say she DOES need a HR rep there to witness what it said. Her work is not a Union-represented. If it were, I'd tell her to get a shop steward on the phone TONIGHT.

Advice for her would be greatly appreciated. Ignoring You

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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Back To Work Monday

Well, it's back to work on Monday after a week off. And I'm ready. While I did have some fun this week, with Regionals, and shopping; it was a tiring week.

Arthritis, dogs with 'The Runs', and not enough sleep. There must be some sort of doggie intestinal thing going around, because it has gone through at least half of our dogs. Torch seems to be coming down with it today....several soft stools, and he rarely goes as much as he has today. I just pray that my devil dog, Max, doesn't come down with it. So far, so good.

So it will be good to get back to work Monday....

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California Dreamin' - Old Sac Style

I had The Weather Channel on in the background, and they mentioned Central California, which is where I live as most know. They showed pictures of Old Sacramento, and how hot it was going to be there this week. I'm about 3 hours south of Sacramento.

So, I thought I'd post a couple of links to Old Sac. I've been there a couple of times and if you like the old wooden sidewalks, and historical buildings, this is the place for you! I loved walking around to the different shops both times I was there. The State Capitol is not far from Old Sac, as well as a smaller version of the Vietnam Memorial, honoring those soldiers from California who were killed in duty. I've visited this Memorial before, and it's quite sombering. So if you ever have a trip to California planned, or even if you are a California take advantage of visiting this wonderfully historic part of our State Capitol!

**Old Sacramento website - The Official website of Old Sacramento

**The Delta King - The Delta King is a restored Riverboat docked in Old Sac on the Sacramento River. NEAT to visit!

**Downtown Sacramento - Official website of the Downtown Sacramento area.

**Hard Rock Cafe - Sacramento - How could we forget the Hard Rock Cafe?? I haven't been there yet, but one of these days when I venture up to Sac.........

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Saturday, July 10, 2004

That Ugly Word Is Back

That ugly, ugly word ARTHRITIS is making its awful presence known again with Mom. I've been using the Blue Goo rub on her back and left hand quite a bit today, and she went to bed early for her; 7:45.

The Blue Goo worked for her a couple of weeks ago, then she stopped wanting it, she's suffering. And there's not a damned thing I can do, and that makes me feel like sh!t. *sorry for the harsh words, Rhonda, but that's how I feel*

Why do people have to suffer like this, when they should be enjoying life? Feeling Blue

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Friday, July 09, 2004

A "Sunshine" Blog!

We have another addition to the Lep Induced Blogging Family! This time, it's from a blogger in the Sunshine State, Florida! Please welcome Karen, aka KCFla to our blogging family! Stop by and read what this ray of sunshine has on her mind!


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Got A Camcorder!

Well, I did it....I bought myself an early birthday present today. I went to the store I said I'd never go to again, BestBuy, and found this:

A Sony Handycam HI8. I haven't had time to really play with it yet, and it was a smidge more than I wanted to spend (with tax, and the 5 yr service agreement), but I'm worth it, damn it!

So, now I'm set for when the World Championships come here in November.

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Last Day Of Vacation

Today is the last 'official' day of my vacation. Got some stuff done this week, so that was good. I still didn't get around to getting rid of 'junk', but there's still Saturday and Sunday. I do have 3 large bags of clothes that I have had stuck over in a corner of the computer room, taking up space....I think I'll take them to the new Goodwill store that opened up recently.

I do want to start looking for a camcorder. I got one about a year ago off Ebay, but the picture quality stinks when you play it back. I don't want a real expensive one, since it will be used sporadically, nothing more than $300.00, and even that's a little more than I want to spend for something I won't use that much. I saw a Samsung at Costco for $199.00, but I think I'll go to somewhere like Circuit City, or GoodGuys. I swore I'd never walk into BestBuy again, but if they have a deal on one, I might have to. I would have loved to have had a camcorder Tuesday for recording the skating. I *DEFINITELY* want one for recording some of the World Championships in November. This is a RARE chance to see top level roller skaters competing on a World level, so I want to capture the moment.

And with that....HAPPY FRIDAY! Bouncy 4

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Place Your Pin On My Map

Ok folks, time to play PIN THE TAIL ON THE....oh... sorry, wrong game! But it's REALLY time to PLACE YOUR PIN ON MY GUESTMAP! It's painless, and only takes a second!

Let's see those pins!!!

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I decided to head over to the DMV this morning to get my license renewed, since it expires next Thursday, and when I got there at 8:45, the line was already about 100 people long.

I figured no sense putting it off to another day this week, so I sucked it up, stood in line until they opened at 9, in the hot sun, in my black Lep shirt.

The doors finally opened, and by the time I *FINALLY* got my turn at the counter, it was 10:30. Why is it that the DMV clerks start work, and take a break an hour into their shift??? CAN'T YOU SEE ALL OF THESE PEOPLE IN THIS SNAKE OF A LINE???

Then it was off to Costco....I was going to buy myself an early birthday present - a camcorder, but I really need to read up on them to find out which is the better one.

So now, with aching feet, I need to get up and get busy...catch ya all later!

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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Back From Regionals

I had such a good time this morning at Regionals! Saw Barbara skate...unfortunately she didn't place in the top three. But it was good to see her skate!

I got to see Cindy, my former coach/Barbara's daughter! We hugged, and laughed about the good old days. Also got to meet her 18 yr old daughter...good Lord time flies! Got to see Wendy, and we all laughed about how she and I hated each other when we were skating! Cindy still can't believe that Wendy and I email each other now...LOL!

And I was blown away by the little girls who were doing the loop figures. I did those when I moved up to the Junior Ladies class, and let me tell you....they AREN'T easy!

Here's a couple of competitors doing their loops:

Here's a picture of Barbara, on the warm-up circles:

And here's a picture of me, Wendy, Barbara, Cindy, and behind us is Barbara's husband/Cindy's dad, Ray:

It was a fun couple of hours!

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Off To Watch Some Skating

Well, I'm heading off to downtown to watch some of the skating at the Southwest Pacific Regional Championships. The first three placements in each division earn a trip to the National Championships later this month.

My former skating teacher, Barbara Bennett, went back into the competitive ranks a couple of years ago, and she is skating her figures event this morning at 11 am. I'm hoping to see another former teacher of mine, Cindy Bennett-Huselid, who is Barbara's daughter. Cindy was my teacher when I won Regionals in 1981 in my event, and we went to the National Championships in Fort Worth, Texas.

I'm also looking forward to seeing a fellow competitor of mine, Wendy.

NOOOOOO, I'm not quite ready to join the competitive ranks again just yet....but I know watching this morning will bring back so many memories. I'm hoping to snap some pictures of skaters, and people I know today....if they turn out, I'll post some here later.

Have a good one!

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Monday, July 05, 2004

Two Things I Hate

There are two things I 'hate' more than anything else right now:

#1 - Seeing a cool forum going down the drain, thanks in part to one person who thinks she owns the damned thing.

#2 - I really do hate the 4th of July. Not the day itself, mind you....but the idjits that feel they need to blow off whistlers, firecrackers, and whatever those newfangled fireworks are that shoot displays into the air. HELLO! We're in a residential area here! What if the wind caught one of those sparks and landed it right on top of one of the roofs?

What is the big deal with those damned whistler fireworks?? I went outside at about 9 pm to sit with the dogs so they wouldn't be too scared, and every 5 friggin seconds I'm hearing these whistlers, then firecrackers. And now, there's some sort of fireworks that shoots up into the air, and it sounds like a cat while the thing is going up.

Ginger....she is still in the house recuperating, and the poor thing was scared to death at all of the noise. She was wild eyed, and panting like crazy. I wanted to go out and strangle the neighbors across the street.

But....we made it through...and now, it's off to Macy's to see if I can find more bargains!!! WOOHOO!!!

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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Had A GREAT Time Today

I left the house at about 9:30 this morning and headed to the mall. I was meeting Kathy at 11 for some shopping. I went a little early to see what was on sale....LORDY, was Macy's having a killer sale! I got a black Liz Claiborne coat - kind of a water repellent fabric, nice and soft though. The original price was $189.00...marked down to $66.50, with ANOTHER 40% off of that! So it ended up being something like $40.00! I COULDN'T pass that up...and it was the only one!

Got a couple of pairs of Liz Claiborne pants, a couple of Charter Club tops, and a Jones New York top for work. My total bill??? $101 and change! Now that's some shopping!

Met up with Kathy and her daughter, Heather. Heather is such a cutie! The last time Kathy brought Heather for shopping, Heather wanted NOTHING to do with me. Today....she was all smiles, and chatter, and gave me TWO hugs! Teethy

So we went over to Stride Rite, for new shoes for Heather, then next door to Penney's, where I got two more tops from Sag Harbor on sale, and a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. AND, I had a $15.00 coupon for my birthday this month. All together, my shopping was under $150.00! Can't beat that with a stick!

Kathy, it was fun, as always....and THANKS for listening! Love ya, my best friend! And I really enjoyed spending the time with Heather...that's one psychic kid ya got there! LOL!!

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Friday, July 02, 2004


Yes...yet another Cancerian birthday! This time it's Karen!! Hope you're feeling better today, darlin'! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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Happy Birthday KimTerp!

Have a wonderful day!!!

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Update On Murdered Little Girl

Here's an update on the story of the little girl who was found buried in a shallow grave in Oregon. Her mother and her mothers' boyfriend have been indicted. They need to be thrown into the pit of hell:

Grand jury indicts Klamath Falls couple in child's death

The Associated Press

(Updated Thursday, July 1, 2004, 6:45 PM)

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. (AP) - A 20-year-old Klamath Falls woman who claimed her daughter was abducted from a California flea market, then led police to the little girl's grave in Oregon, was indicted Thursday on murder charges along with her live-in boyfriend.

A Klamath County grand jury returned indictments against Amanda Hodges and Erik Sanchez Guillermo, 37, charging them with two counts each of murder by abuse in the death last Friday of 4-year-old Cassandra Hodges, plus one count each of manslaughter, criminal mistreatment, abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence, said District Attorney Ed Caleb.

The two counts of murder by abuse offer different theories of the child's death, Caleb said. One alleges that Hodges and Guillermo were reckless to the point of causing her death by neglect and maltreatment. The other alleges that they recklessly engaged in regular assault or torture of a child under 14 that resulted in death.

According to a police affidavit, Hodges has told investigators that she hit Cassandra several times in the head with her hand on June 24, then forced her to stand in the corner all night. In the morning, Guillermo put her to bed after the child began vomiting.

When they found the girl dead in her bed, Guillermo and Hodges went out to buy a shovel and garbage bags, then buried the body in the Winema National Forest before driving south to California, police said in the affidavit.

An autopsy found that Cassandra suffered bleeding in her brain and her abdomen, either of which would have been enough to kill her.

At a flea market in Selma, Calif., last Sunday, Hodges said her daughter had disappeared and made a public appeal for her return. The next day, after investigators doubted her story, she flew back to Klamath Falls, where she led police to the child's grave.

Hodges also told investigators they could find a board in the house in Klamath Falls which had been used to beat the girl periodically since she rejoined her mother last May.

Hodges, who is being held without bail in Klamath Falls, will be arraigned on the indictments Tuesday in Klamath County Circuit Court, Caleb said.

Guillermo will be arraigned a day after he is brought back from Fresno, Calif., where he was arrested after police decided the abduction story was untrue. There was no immediate word whether he would fight extradition.

Hodges had Cassandra when she was 16, and at 18 left the child with her mother in the Fresno area and went off with Guillermo, who recently worked at a machine shop where his brother also worked in Klamath Falls, Caleb said.

Cassandra did not move back with her mother until last Mother's Day, Caleb said.

Hodges had two other children, ages 18 months and 4 months, who were the subject of contacts by child welfare authorities earlier this year before Cassandra moved up from California, Caleb said. Anonymous callers had complained about the way the younger children were treated.

Child welfare authorities found the home and family were appropriate for children, and set up appointments with a doctor and a counselor, Caleb said.

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Thursday, July 01, 2004


Found this on Lexy's blog....what in the HELL were these morons thinking??? Animal cruelty is one of the things that pisses me off more than anything. I'd love to do to the offenders, what they do to animals.

If someone clubs a baby seal... you deserve a club in the head.Club Me

And these morons?? Well, they deserve fireworks in BOTH orifices.Fireworks

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